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30-day challenge

The Challenge

Going lectin-free can give you more energy, less brain fog, a trimmer waistline, and a healthier gut — but I know it’s not always easy! After all, lectins are hiding in things you’ve been TOLD were healthy — things like tomatoes, for example!

That’s why my team and I are going to make it easier than ever for YOU to give the lectin-free lifestyle a try for 30 days. We’ll provide everything you need: food lists, cooking tips… I’m even coming out with a new book full of never-before-seen quick and easy recipes to get you started.

So, join me for 30 days and challenge yourself to eat lectin-free on a daily basis — and share your experience with a supportive community. We’re in this together! I can’t wait to see what you can accomplish… and I look forward to celebrating your success!

— Dr. Gundry

How We Support You

Daily social posts on Facebook and Instagram @PlantParadox30 — sharing food lists, recipes, ingredients, cooking tips, and live videos with Dr. G!

Facebook Live videos where you can ask questions and get advice from Dr. Gundry.

Order Dr. Gundry’s new book The Plant Paradox Quick and Easy: The 30-Day Plan to Lose Weight, Feel Great and Live Lectin-Free.


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