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047: Carnivore Diet: Crazy delicious, or just plain crazy?

by | Jul 8, 2019 | 4 comments

I’ve been a big proponent of plant-based eating for years now.

In fact, in my latest book, The Longevity Paradox, I even have a whole section questioning whether animal protein is essential for strength and longevity.

But not everyone agrees with me…

On this episode of The Dr. Gundry Podcast, I’m joined by Dr. Paul Saladino.

Dr. Saladino is a passionate proponent of the carnivore diet — a diet where the ONLY food you eat is meat.

If you’re wondering how only eating meat could possibly be healthy for humans, you’re not alone. But Dr. Saladino persuasively argues that eating a meat-based diet may actually be the best way for humans to eat (and if you want to hear what I think, well, just listen to the episode!).

On this episode, Dr. Saladino will explain the science behind the diet and talk about what you can and cannot eat on the diet — plus, you’ll get my take on the carnivore diet (should you really try this yourself?).

We also argue about the power of plant polyphenols and discuss the ways our two diets might actually share some common ground.

Believe me, you won’t want to miss this one!

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How training in traditional Western Medicine paradoxically drove Dr. Saladino towards a diet comprised ONLY of meat (4:10)
  • Why Dr. Saladino thinks the carnivore diet could actually create a health revolution (7:15)
  • Why we disagree about the power of plant polyphenols (10:00)
  • How pasture-raised animals can actually improve your health and the environment (15:30)
  • The plant-based protein you should ALWAYS avoid… and the ONE reason you should never eat certain plant-based burgers (17:50)
  • If your brain can actually provide PROOF of the science behind the carnivore diet (18:30)
  • The “lectin connection” between the Plant Paradox and the carnivore diet (23:10)
  • Why Dr. Saladino believes plant-based eaters could do EVEN BETTER on a carnivore diet (25:00)
  • The “super nutrient” that might actually help prevent fatty liver disease (36:30)
  • One critical nutrient you can ONLY get from meat — and how it might actually help people struggling with depression (38:00)
  • The “Mediterranean secret” to a healthy gut and a longer life (40:30)
  • Why eating meat on a keto diet can have a positive effect on your body (43:20)
  • The REAL enemy of healthy aging (45:45)
  • Whether meat has been unjustly vilified (Dr. Saladino sure thinks so!) (48:15)
  • The meat that Dr. Saladino and I agree you should NEVER eat — and you probably won’t be happy to hear it (49:45)
  • The “creepy, crawly” way to improve your diet and your health (59:30)

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