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268: Longevity Diet for Dogs & Cats

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Attention pet parents! If you’ve ever looked into your furry friend’s eyes and wished they could tag along forever, this episode is for YOU. As a proud pet parent myself, I’m thrilled to share that our adorable companions can reap the benefits of longevity practices, just like we do!

In this episode, I’m joined by one of the best experts on the matter Dr. Gary Richter – America’s favorite veterinarian, best-selling author, and author of TWO brand new books: ‘Longevity for Dogs’ and ‘Longevity for Cats.’ 

We uncover the common mistakes pet parents unknowingly make, particularly when it comes to nutrition, and reveal what type of food is truly the best choice – even if you’re on a budget.

PLUS, we explore ways to relieve an anxious pet and unravel misconceptions surrounding spaying, neutering, and vaccinations. Finally, we share preventative measures you can take today to pave the way for a happier, healthier companion, and perhaps even delay that inevitable, heart-wrenching goodbye. 

On this episode you’ll learn:

  • The hidden truth behind the alarming decrease in dogs’ average lifespan by 5 years.
  • How the health chasm between purebred and overbred dogs impacts you as an owner.
  • Startling facts that will make 94% of pet owners rethink their choice of dry kibble for their dogs.
  • The surprising benefits of sharing table scraps with your dogs, and why it might trump their present diet.
  • Strategies for blending optimal nutrition and cost-effectiveness to elevate your dog’s well-being.
  • The pros and cons of switching up your pet’s meals— is it time for a dietary revolution or is consistency key?
  • The secret connection between your pet’s gut health and persistent skin problems, revealing the path to longer, healthier lives.
  • Essential hydration tips to elevate your dog’s vitality.
  • Why ignoring dental health isn’t an option for your dog and the best dental chews they absolutely need.
  • The intriguing link between adjusting meal times and extending your pet’s life.
  • The top-tier supplements to seamlessly infuse into your dog’s daily routine.

Mentioned on this episode:

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