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Welcome to the Dr. Gundry podcast, where Dr. Steven Gundry shares his groundbreaking research from over 25 years of treating patients with diet and lifestyle changes alone. Dr. Gundry and other wellness experts offer inspiring stories, the latest scientific advancements and practical tips to empower you to take control of your health and live a long happy life.

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Welcome to the Dr. Gundry podcast. Well, today we’re diving deep into some topics that are near and dear to my heart, mitochondrial health, brain health, and of course, the gut microbiome. I’m welcoming back Catherine aaronson, the founder CEO and Chief Scientific Officer of energy bits makers of behind the small but mighty algae tablets. In just a moment, Catherine and I will share her most recent findings on the potent superfoods in energy bits, and how they can be a simple, effective solution for supporting your mitochondria. And so much more. So stay tuned, we’ll be right back. Aging and mitochondrial health. Now as you and I think both no disease should not be a part of normal aging. And you agree with that I’m sure

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aging does not need to equal declining, but people seem to associate the two of them together. And you and I are here to tell them that’s not necessary, right?

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That’s absolutely true. So let’s talk about some of the research. Certainly I’ve written a lot about it and you’re on a bandwagon about mitochondrial health is really critical to aging properly. What is your own research showing about this, a lot of

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people are starting to hear more and more about mitochondria. Those of us that are in the more science based community are well aware of it. And mitochondria just to help people understand what they are. They’re these little organelles that are in all of your cells, and they generate cellular energy, they take the food that you eat. And that is then converted into glucose. And then the glucose is Trent is transported into something called ATP, which is cellular energy. Now, this is energy. This isn’t just energy, you need to run to the grocery store or go on a hike as I know you do Dr. Gundry. This is cellular energy that propels everything that happens in your body. We’re talking about walking, talking, sleeping, breathing, lymphatic system, your immune system, your heartbeat, I mean, absolutely everything. And I tell people, more cellular energy is like having more money. When you have more money, you can do more things and you have more choices. When you have more cellular energy, you can do more things and you have more choices. And the lack of cellular energy is what causes disease and aging and decline. Because when you have these mitochondria because they’re generating everything that keeps you active and alive. When you have fewer mitochondria, or you have damaged mitochondria, they are not able to function properly. So it’s like trying to drive your car with a flat tire, it doesn’t work very well. So think of your damaged mitochondria as flat tires on your car. Now the good news is, you’re all the cells in your body, including all the components, like mitochondria, are constantly changing. So whatever situation you’re in, whether it’s good or bad, it’s not permanent. And that’s why you need to take charge of your health. So that if you are in a chronic condition right now, whether it’s cancer or heart disease or Alzheimer’s, it doesn’t is not a death sentence. But you do need to provide your body and your mitochondria with what they need, so they can regrow and start propelling your health back in the right direction. And you’re going to find out why algae is the most number one powerful, simple, effortless way to do that. So back to the mitochondria. So they’re this fascinating. Or as I say, organelle. They generate all the energy, but they’re very difficult. It’s very difficult for nutrients to get into the mitochondria because they are the only cell in your body that has two membranes, all of your other cells have a single membrane. It’s called a lipid membrane, which is a fancy way of saying fats. And the mitochondria has that too. But they have a second inner membrane that is like that is impenetrable by drugs by most antioxidants except the ones we’re going to talk about an issue that’s found an allergy. And so when they get damaged, you can’t just eat a bunch of antioxidants like blueberries or vitamin C because none of those will get in there and the reason why The mitochondria get damaged is because the mitochondria have their own DNA? Yes, you have your 20,000 Regular nuclear DNA. But the mitochondria have their own and there’s only 37 of them. But those 37 control all the other 22,000. They control all the cellular communication. So when your mitochondria DNA get damaged, it’s a it’s a, it’s a, it’s a slide down into the oblivion of disease.

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You know, you and I have talked about algae on several occasions. How did you get interested in algae in the first place?

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It is pretty crazy. But I’ve been doing it now for 13 years, and I couldn’t imagine a life without allergy, honestly. So I was I’m actually Canadian I live in I’ve lived in Boston, 30 years. And I mentioned the Canada thing because I have an MBA and I was doing international business. And 15 years ago, my younger sister who I’m very close to who lives in Canada, she developed breast cancer, she’s fine, by the way, she did recover. But when she was preparing for her chemotherapy, her oncologist told her, didn’t sadece but told her, she needed to change her diet to an alkaline diet, because it would be important for her healing. They didn’t tell her what an alkaline diet was. So my sister called me byxis, who’s I can do anything, right. And I said, I have no idea what this stuff is. But I will find out. And it turned out to be a plant based diet, which I know is right up your alley. And it was the phytonutrients and the chlorophyll that have been proven to build your immune system. And she wanted her to have the strongest immune system possible, because chemotherapy is pretty rough on your immune system. So I dug in found foods for her to eat ones not to eat. And she did go through chemo and she completely healed. In fact, I saw her last week in New York, and we were celebrating yet another year of being cancer free. And in the process of helping her I started learning about plant based nutrition. And this was 15 years ago. And you know, nobody was talking about plant based nutrition 15 years ago, and I’m just a very passionate person. And I thought somebody needs to get this word out. I don’t think you and your books have been published at that time. Or maybe it wouldn’t have pursued it. But I thought I’m going to do something I have no idea what and so I went back, I gave up my corporate career, I went back to school studied nutrition for a year. And then I taught plant based nutrition, but my own curriculum together, taught it at hospitals and corporations. And this is what truly led me to algae. Because I’m sure as you you have experience, I was spending all my time teaching to people the importance of eating more vegetables, although we both know that there are some downsides to that. So what what I got so much pushback, people were saying, Oh, they’re too heavy to carry home from the grocery store, they take too long to cook to eat, I throw half of them out, my kids won’t eat them, my husband would eat them. So I thought, Okay, I have to find a way to get the nutrition of vegetables into them without any work. So I went back and started reading all the things I did a deeper dive on what I found for my sister. And when I got to algae, that’s when the miracle happened because it’s the most nutrient dense food in the world endorsed by NASA, having 1000 times more nutrition than any other fruit or vegetable endorsed by the United Nations as the answer rural hunger because there’s the highest protein in the world. There’s 100,000 studies documenting the health benefits. It’s been used safely for 60 years in Asia. And the only problem with algae, it seemed was there wasn’t a very high quality version of it in North America. And nobody knew what it was. So I saw the science I thought I’m going to dedicate myself to getting algae into the world and I’ll do whatever it takes to get there. So I have taught myself science I’m actually applying to get a PhD because I know so much now and I’ve got a school I think it’s gonna give it to me it takes a little bit of work. But my joy is helping people learn how to be healthy, learn how to correct their health, how to prevent disease, with something so effortless and easy. All you have to do is swallow them to come in little time. This is I forgot the most important part. The thing that made vegetables easy is they come in these little tiny tablets, this one’s chlorella, this one spirulina, I should explain the difference between the two of them. But if you took 10 of these 10 spirulina and chlorella, spirulina we call it energy bits. Chlorella we call recovery bits. We’ll explain the difference in Reason later. But this will give you each tablet gives you the same nutrition, oops, sorry, as an entire plate of vegetables and all you have to do an eye to them, but most people swallow them. There. I just had a plate of vegetables. How easy is that? So now you can get all of the nutrition, all the chlorophyll, all the protein, all the 40 vitamins and minerals phytonutrients effortlessly. And when I tell you some of the other medicinal benefits with related to brain health and cancer, you’ll start to see that it’s more than just nutrition. I mean, it’s truly your health insurance. It’s beyond nutritional insurance. It’s your health insurance and I can’t claim that I created this. It’s Mother Nature at her best. But I will tell you we grow it and preserve it the most in the most using the most careful processes so that you get the maximum benefit from it. Because algae has been was the first life on Earth 4 billion years ago. And it just needed someone to help the world understand what it was and why it works so well. So it’s, it’s pretty amazing,

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taller listeners, is there a difference between seaweed and algae and micro algae? And because when people you know, hear the word algae, they don’t want to eat seaweed or right. I don’t want to have sushi every day.

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Right? Well, it’s a great question. And I’ve I think I’m the only person that’s helping people truly understand what they are. So first of all, algae is a food. It’s its own food category, because it’s technically not a plant. It’s not fruit. It’s an animal. And within the category called algae, there’s two main types macro algae, and micro algae. We’re gonna talk mostly about micro algae. But first, let me confirm what macro algae is it is that stringy stuff that you mentioned, that washes up on shore, also known as seaweed, and it’s called seaweed because it’s only in the sea. Now, it’s still good for you, because it has lots of fiber and iodine because it comes from the ocean, but there’s virtually no nutrition in it. Very fibrous, no nutrition. micro algae is the complete opposite. It has virtually no fiber. In fact, spirulina has zero fiber, because it’s technically a bacteria, but it is the most nutrient dense food in the world. And even we have a quote from NASA that even confirms that. And the reason why there’s so much nutrition in it is because there’s so microscopic, you can get like a million sales on the head of a pin. So when you consolidate them into these tablets, you start to understand why there’s so much nutrition in there. Now unlike seaweed, the macro algae, which is only in the sea, micro algae is everywhere. It’s in the lakes, the rivers, the streams, the soil, your swimming pool, in your aquarium. And there are unlike macro algae, there’s only a few strains of macro, there’s 10s of 1000s of strains of micro algae. Now that to counter main categories are blue, green, and green. Now what I want you to know is that one strain of Blue Green Algae is called spirulina. There’s other strains. So if you read about a blue green algae closing your beach, they’re not talking about spirulina. And by the way, we’re algae gets a bum rap because algae only shows up on your beach, because it kills bacteria. So somehow toxins have gotten into the water, and you can’t see them, but they’re there and algae is the cleanup crew. And it’s very visible and absorbs all the toxins and it kills the bacteria. By the way, it’s also the cleanup crew in your body. So it’s not just the beach, it’s everywhere. So so when you read about spirulina, it’s a number one not from the ocean. It’s and it’s not toxic. So in same with chlorella, this is a picture of a chlorella farm. And this is a picture of a spirulina farm we grow ours in triple filtered Spring Mountain water in Taiwan is the gold standard for growing algae. So a it’s a food B, it’s not from the ocean, the spirulina and chlorella. So we grow it in triple filtered spring water, we air dry it without high heat, which will I’m going to circle back to because again, that preserves the enzyme superoxide dismutase, which has been known to protect your mitochondria. And then we press them into these little tablets that we call bits, because they’re literally bits of nutrition, nothing else in them. Just one ingredient. One calorie, 40 vitamins and minerals are ketogenic. They’re vegan. They’re raw, they’re paleo. It’s quite remarkable. So, so algae is a food category. And the two algae do different things. But I just want to show you one more thing that we sell them in these large bags, and there’s so much nutrition in each bag of 1000 tablets, it equals 551 pounds of vegetables. Think about that. That’s about 50 grocery carts of food, and, but the tablets don’t require any cooking, cleaning, mixing nothing, and they never go bad. We have expiry date of about three years, and they actually never technically go bad. So it’s I call it very efficient nutrition.

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Since you’re talking about spirulina, but you also make chlorella. What, wait a minute, isn’t it an algae and algae and algae? Come on?

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Well, it’s like it’s a food category. So just like a banana is not like a cantaloupe or, you know, green arugula is certainly not like cabbage. So algae is a category and then the two main ones that most people know about are spirulina and chlorella. So what are they Well spirulina, as I mentioned, is a blue green algae. So we package jars in a blue. And there’s two pigments. That’s why it’s called a blue green. And we’re going to talk about that blue pigment later on. Because there’s very powerful benefits healing benefits for your brain and for prevention of cancer. But the main thing people know spirulina, four is its energy, which is why we call ours energy this, how does it give you energy? Well, first of all spirulina, as I mentioned earlier, is a bacteria it does not have a cellulose wall. Why is that important? Because that means there’s nothing for your body to have to break down to get access to the rich nutrition that’s in there. So that’s number one, very rapid absorption. bioavailability is key. It’s not just what you eat, it’s what you absorb. Number two, spirulina has the highest concentration of protein in the world. And it has 18 of the 20 aminos, including the nine that your body can’t make. So it’s a complete protein. Why in the pros, and the aminos are individual, most animal protein is all bound up and can take days for your body to break down. Collagen is in what’s called peptides, which are clusters of aminos. But algae, the aminos are individual again, why is that important? Because it allows your body to access all those rich aminos instantly. And then because spirulina is loaded with B vitamins that convert the aminos into energy. This is what gives you energy in the moment. It’s also a vasodilator, which opens up your blood vessels and brings more oxygen and nutrition to your body. It also has very high iron, which brings more oxygen to your unit, but it’s mostly the rich aminos zero effort for your body to break down. So we actually get energy back from not having to work at digestion, and then the access to the bees and the aminos. And the energy you get. It’s called it’s just quiet energy. It’s not like a stimulant because it’s there’s no caffeine chemicals or sugar in here, again, one calorie. So there’s no rush, and there’s no crash, the best way to describe how you feel is you just feel awake. That’s it, like you had a great night’s sleep or walk in the fresh air. And that, to me, that’s I mean, I live on this stuff. And I mean, I do eat real food. But I, I couldn’t imagine life without algae, especially spirulina, because it’s so nourishing. And again, if you’re in the As I Am intermittent fasting group, I don’t eat until one or two. And but a lot of people, it’s hard for them to do fasting because they get tired and hungry. This gives you the nourishment, it’s loaded with omega threes and essential fatty acids. So you don’t have to take a fish oil anymore, I don’t recommend that anyways, so it doesn’t interfere with your fast and yet it gives you the nourishment, and the energy to get through your morning or your afternoon or your workout. So it’s very much a morning afternoon or a pre workout. So that’s the energy you get in the moment. And we’re going to, you know, circle back a little bit because we talked about the mitochondria at the very beginning. So there are nutrients in the blue in the blue green algae, spirulina that speed up the production of ATP. And we can dive into that a little bit later, because it’s a bit geeky, but so you get long term energy from the mitochondria protection, and you get instant energy from the immediacy of the digestion of the immediate of the amino acids from the B vitamins. And that’s quite different from chlorella, I had an Instagram

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post a YouTube video about how it’s probably a good idea to get a lot of our protein from plants rather than meats. And I got a lot of pushback, that plant protein is not absorbable. It’s not adjustable, and that you have to eat meat because that’s the only way you can get protein and help our listeners understand that at least with algae with spirulina. That may not be the case.

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Absolutely. And I think everyone has a point of view. And it’s it reminds me of that graphic. I’m sure you’ve everyone’s seen it of. There’s an elephant in the room. And there’s a number of people with blindfolds, and each one of them have their hand on a different part of the elephant. And they think it’s an animal of some kind based on what their hand is touching. And so when it comes to nutrition, everyone has a filter that they read information from and there is some balance, some fact but there’s also your perspective. So there are people who are vegan, they’re mixing different beans and rice to get a complete protein. But when it comes to algae, it is a complete protein. It has as I said the 18 of the 20 aminos In fact, it has more collagen and more aminos than even collagen powder. So anyone who’s taking collagen powder, you don’t have to take that anymore if you take at least 10 to 30 of the spirulina two tablets a day. It also replaces, you know, a multivitamin, a fish oil, co q 10. And we can dig into that later on. So the fact that it’s a complete protein number one, the fact that it’s 90% 99% bioavailable number two. And in fact, if you chew it, it gets into your bloodstream almost instantly, maybe about 10 minutes if you swallow it, because it just takes a while to get into your system. So it absolutely has all the nutrients. In fact, we get a lot of pushback ourselves on the B 12. Because spirulina has all of the bees, including B 12. And people say, Oh, it’s an analog. It’s not a real beat 12 Well, we did some research, and it is the real beat 12. So I want to assure people of that, and we can send anybody who wants the science about that. So this is from Mother Nature. She, I tell people, you know, you take individual supplements, it’s sort of like listening to a single soloist, when you eat algae, at least ours because it’s raw and untreated with heat, and all the nutrients are preserved. It’s the orchestra. It’s like the Boston Symphony Orchestra, all the components, the factors, the cofactors, the enzymes, the coenzymes, the protein, it’s all blended in this perfect, it’s like getting at a six star dine in your restaurant, from a nutritional perspective gives you everything that your body needs. And if we have time, I’ll dig into the fact that it’s no surprise to me because your mitochondria actually evolved directly from algae.

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I know when we started, you started to you mentioned that algae is a great source of superoxide dismutase s OD. Are there other things that algae contain that help our mitochondria that are kind of unique to algae rather than other food sources?

Speaker 3 21:44
Right? Well, glutathione is another one of those nutrients that can get into the mitochondria to stop the free radical damage. And glutathione is also hard to find in food in any kind of quantity that offers medicinal benefits. So a lot of people are getting glutathione drips. In fact, we’re going to an IV drip conference in two weeks. And the thing about and the drips are terrific. But the downside of the in this case, the glutathione drip is the glutathione has a half life that means how long it lasts in your body of like about an hour or two. So you get a lot of people do it after they’ve been out late at night and they want to clear out their liver. Glutathione by the way, is also a great detox er, but spirulina and chlorella particular chlorella and I need to circle back to explain what chlorella is because we did talk about spirulina. So glutathione is very detoxing, which helps your cells to function properly. And it also can get into that inner membrane to stop free radical damage. So and once again, your body makes glutathione for you, from the moment you’re born, and then it stops or slows down after the age of 30. And so once again, just with like with the superoxide dismutase, you stop having that antioxidant protection that you had in your early years. And again, this is why I feel that this is to me the reason why people are getting it you disease, it’s a combination of not getting proper nutrition from other foods, having too many toxins in their body, which we’ll address when we talk about chlorella, but also not having the mitochondrial protection from antioxidants that they used to have made for them, you know, for free. And there are no other sources that are as concentrated of glutathione or superoxide dismutase as algae, the other nutrients you want me to think I’d like to mention our chlorophyll. Chlorophyll is also a nutrient that can get into the inner membrane of the mitochondria to stop free radical damage. And I’m going to give you one other little fun thing about chlorophyll. Studies have shown that when you take chlorophyll and you are exposed to red light could either be red light therapy or sunlight that that chlorophyll gets into the CO Q 10 molecule, which is what’s called a transport molecule in the that giki electron transport chain. Anyways, it recycles the CO Q 10 molecule and generates ATP for you without food. Pretty amazing, right? And chlorophyll is a fat based pigment. So again, we talked earlier about the cells having a membrane that’s made of fats and that’s why you need vitamin D and vitamin A and vitamin D. Make us free to keep your cell membranes healthy because healthy membranes allow nutrients in and toxins out well chlorophyll, because it’s a fat based pigment does the same thing. So when your cell membrane is healthy and allows nutrients to get into the mitochondria, and then at the same time you get the double hit that the mighty the chlorophyll protects the mitochondria from free radical damage so it’s a win win. And then the the other one that’s able to get in, there’s a little bit of a surprise to think that and this one, glorify girls Syonan

Dr Gundry 25:09
by cosine

Speaker 3 25:10
and thank you very much. Oh, yeah, can I can I go down the rabbit hole of FICO sign in because it’s my favorite topic right now I

Dr Gundry 25:17
think this is a cool topic that most people but number one have never heard,

Speaker 3 25:21
never never know about it. And this is what again brings me such joy. So what is Fico? Science? Well, first of all, I want to spell it for you. So that when you have time, you can Google it and and see that everything I’m telling you is true. So five cosine and is the blue pigment in spirulina, get us to two pigments and spirulina, five cosine and chlorophyll. And it’s spelled ph YCOCY. A n i n. So, this blue FICO sign, only found in spirulina and only found in raw spirulina. So ours because we don’t use high heat, or frozen spirulina, but everybody else, all the other algae companies, they use high heat to dry their algae. So they kill the FICO sign and two, they kill the sad, and they kill the FICO science. So what I’m about to tell you is will blow you away, but it’s all science based, can only be found in either rlg or any LG. That’s right. So what does FICO sign? And do? I’m going to hold up a sheet and I’m going to let you read it. It kills cancer cells. Pretty crazy. Right? So how does it? Well, first of all, I’m showing you a picture and I’ll send you all the links to this and all this all the science references. What I was showing Dr. Gundry was a experiment that was done in a research paper they took cancer cells and put them in a petri dish and dyed them purple. And then they added this blue FICO sign in to the petri dish. And over 24 hours, they measured they could they photographed how much of the cancer cells were still left. And it went from a dense petri dish of cancer cells to virtually none in just 24 hours, cancer cells gone. And what stuns me is the amount of FICO sign and that they used in this test. One of our tablets has 4000 times more FICO sign than they used in this test. So, in fact, the chemo therapies, that’s why I want you to Google phi, cosine and cancer treatments, and you’ll see exactly what I’m talking about. Because the one of the ways that chemotherapy companies know find out whether their treatments are actually working to kill cancer because they use the FICO sign in in their treatments, is they measure something called cytochrome c. Now cytochrome c is another one of those little transport molecules in that big electron transport chain. Remember I mentioned the CO Q 10 That that’s, I call these things transport molecules. They’re sort of like a shuttle bus, you know, when you’re at the airport, and then the sum of these airports are huge. You need to take a subway or or shuttle train to get to your gate because you know, even though you’re at the airport, you can get on the right shuttle train to get to your gate you aren’t getting on any plane. So in this thing called the electron transport chain where the electrons like the relay race get passed from one to another. There’s two of these little Trent shuttle buses, the earlier one we talked about with CO q 10, which was between stations, I think one or two and this one is between three and four. Now in a healthy cell, the FICO sign and speeds up that transport vault molecule so that the electrons can get to the end station and that generates more energy more ATP. But in a cancer cell or something, they call them zombie cells, also known as senescence cells. These are cells that have duplicated so many times there’s nothing left in them, but they don’t die and they don’t leave. They’re sort of like someone who worked all their life, went into retirement but refuses to go and comes to the office and kicks over garbage cans and makes a big mess. That’s a senescence cell because they’re inflammatory and they mess up. They damage all the residents, cells near it. So in a cancer cell or a senescence cell, that blue FICO sign and instead of speeding up that cytochrome c, it kicks it out, it boots it out. And that cytochrome c molecule targets the cancer cells or the senescent cells and kills them. There’s another way that the blue FICO sign and works powerfully in the cancer world is that it has what’s called Anti angiogenesis properties. What does that mouthful mean? Well, it means angiogenesis is the growth of blood vessels. And so Anti angiogenesis means the interruption of that. And what happens with cancers and tumors is they basically hijack your blood vessels and reroute them to feed the cancer or the tumor. And the blue FICO sign and found in spirulina if it’s raw like ours or frozen stuff, hops that process, it stops the rerouting of the blood vessels to the tumors. And we didn’t even know that we were told. We found out about this because there’s a group, an organization, a nonprofit called the angiogenesis Association that’s based here in Boston, Dr. William Lee. Yes, he’s probably been on your show. He’s a great guy. And in he called us and said, Did you know that your FICO sign that has antiangiogenesis properties, we’re doing a big conference, please come and Bill Gates was there and Bill Clinton. And anyways, that’s how we found out about it. But the fact that the blue FICO sign and can kill cancer cells, and is proven to do that, and is used by the chemotherapy companies is amazing. But nobody’s sharing this with the rest of the world. And who wants to go through, Hey, who wants to get cancer and by the way, cancer cells are in our bodies, as you know, all the times. But if you have a strong immune system and strong mitochondria, we’ll get to the immune system in a minute, because that’s what chlorella does. But if you have strong mitochondria and a strong immune system, it can manage these cancer cells, so they never take over. But of course, in these days this day, nobody has strong mitochondria, and strong immune system. So we’re, we’re like sitting ducks. So if you start taking spirulina, like ours, or frozen, if you can find it, it’s very expensive and messy, you can get access to the blue via cosine and proven scientifically to kill cancer cells. I’d say that was pretty important stuff. And you don’t ever have to advance into these late stages cancer or get rid of mu chemotherapy. And at the same time, algae is also the most alkaline food in the world. And that started me on this entire journey. And there’s a German scientist named Otto Warburg, W AR Burg who won a Nobel Prize and the is German back in the 30s. And he discovered that cancer cannot exist in an alkaline environment. And the perfect alkalinity for your cells is 7.1. That’s on a scale of zero to 14 and so it’s dead center. And when it’s more alkaline, there’s that indicates there’s more oxygen in the cell that the cell is allowing to to in and toxins out and communicating with each other. So algae, in addition to killing the cancer cells and feeding the membranes, healthy fats, if it’s chlorophyll, it also provides that nice, rich alkaline environment to even just prevent the cancer from from taking hold. So it’s, it’s pretty crazy.

Dr Gundry 32:27
All right, so I know I asked you about chlorella, and I distracted you. So let’s get back to chlorella. And why is that different than spirulina and what properties does it have? Yes?

Speaker 3 32:41
Well, chlorella, is a plant spirulina is a bacteria, no cellulose wall, chlorella does belong to the plant kingdom. And there’s a couple important things you need to know about that. So first of all, because it’s a plant, it has a cellulose wall. In fact, it has the hardest cellulose wall in the plant kingdom. And so that hard cell wall does two important things. The easiest one for I’m sure people know about is that it has fiber. So it feeds your gut biome, it feeds your healthy bacteria, what they need to create the short chain fatty acids that are important for your health. By the way, 80% of your immune system is in your gut. So what the same time that you’re building your gut biome, you are supporting your immune system. Number two, that heart cell wall attaches to toxins. I don’t know if I mentioned but the average adult in North America hasn’t about 700 toxins in their system, whether it’s glyphosate, molds, and our immune systems simply weren’t built to sustain that kind of toxic load. So because chlorella pulls out toxins, it’s called chelating. It pulls out all the heavy metals, glyphosate molds, alcohol by the way, lactic acid for those athletes who are listening so people take it after a workout so it calculates them and take pulls them all out of your body. So so a the fiber, Facebook gut biome be the heart cell wall attaches to toxins. Now chlorella is big claim to fame is it has the highest amount of chlorophyll in the world. Remember spirulina has the highest protein in the world and also loads of essential fatty acids. Chlorella has fewer fatty acids, but rich in chlorophyll, 500 times more chlorophyll, then arugula, and 25 times more than liquid Chlorophyll A lot of people are taking liquid chlorophyll which I applaud. But if you could get more chlorophyll from chlorella, and at the same time, get protein and 40 vitamin minerals, why not? And chlorophyll is important for a number of reasons. First of all, the chemical composition is almost identical to your hemoglobin. So when you take chlorophyll you are building your blood but the reality is, there’s virtually no chlorophyll in our vegetables anymore. Because the soils are so damaged. There’s nothing left for the plants to pull up. And so if you’ve noticed as I do, my arugula goes yellow after about day three. So chlorella because wasn’t so much chlorophyll, I mean 500 times more chlorophyll than arugula, you are building your blood and when you have healthy blood, you’re gonna have a healthier body, healthier organs, healthier everything. That’s number one. Number two, as I mentioned, chlorophyll is a fat based pigment. So it heals the cell walls just like an Omega three wood, or vitamin D or vitamin E. So it’s very, very healthy for your cell wall. And it has all chlorella also has all the nutrients that your immune system need to, to work properly to build all those killer cells when you are faced with an Invader of any kind, whether it’s COVID, or anything else. So in general, because of the chlorophyll, which builds your immune system and cleanses you, chlorophyll and chlorella is are considered a wellness algae. Oops, I’m gonna just sorry, drugs. Let me show you a picture of our bag of chlorella. So there’s 1000 tablets in there. So chlorella, we call ours recovery bits, because it helps you recover your health. So I came up with a fun analogy that might help people understand the difference between the two of them, because most people take the spirulina in the morning, because they they’re hungry and tired and they want nourishment, they want energy for the day. And I speak like, give lectures at large hotels, as I know you do. It dawned on me. Well, that’s sort of like room service. So you know, because room service comes in and gives you all the food that you need for the day and you’re out the door. So think of spirulina, which we call energy bits, like room service, it gives you everything you need for the date. And then it dawned on me because chlorella is a wellness cleansing algae takes out all the junk in your trunk and gets rid of what you don’t need. That’s like housekeeping. So close. I think spirulina is your room service, and chlorella is housekeeping. And if that’s still, you want some other analogies and we haven’t talked about brain which I will in a minute, because there’s so many mitochondria in your brain, there’s 2 million per cell and your brain is the most sensitive to damaged mitochondria. And because spirulina has that superoxide dismutase and the blue FICO sign and which heal your brain is also loaded with fats think of spirulina as brain food. We all know that people eat. We have been told to eat fat called fat fatty fish like salmon. Because the Omega three and I tell people where do you think the fish get the Omega three from? Yep, they get it from algae. And but they know that it’s brain food. Well, so it’s spirulina, spirulina is brain foods. So if you have any, and we’ll talk about this in greater detail in a minute, any brain issues. That’s what you want spirulina and chlorella because of the chlorophyll and pulling out the toxins. It’s been used for IBS and Crohn’s disease, it’s very healing to the gut. It’s a gut related algae. So spirulina for brain, chlorella, which we call recovery bits for your gut. Now, I want to point out that there’s something called the vagus nerve that joins the brain with the gut. And there’s communication that goes down from the brain to the gut, and up from the gut to the brain. So when you heal one of these organs, it naturally and automatically heals the other one. So maybe you might start with brain as your focus, but you’re gonna find that your gut is working better. Or maybe you’ll start because you’ve got issues, your brain will start functioning better. So they’re very connected, but they do completely different things in your body. And most people will we recommend you take the chlorella before bed, because that’s when your body goes through a detox or repair cycle. So we want you to have that best repair. It also stimulates peristalsis also known as bowel movements, so but you can take them anytime a day with each other by themselves with food instead of food but a minimum of 10 spirulina tablets in the morning, and a minimum of 10 chlorella tablets before bed 30 is better, but you know, we’ll get people started anything

Dr Gundry 39:02
dumb question? Can you take too much of these things?

Speaker 3 39:06
You know, it’s not a dumb question. It’s a very great question I get asked all the time and the answer is no. Why? Because algae is food and ours is a well I should caveat put a caveat. There’s never too much of ours that you could take because other ones other companies that may not be growing them as carefully and there could be binders in there that are toxic, you just don’t know but I will speak on about hours. Absolutely not. I don’t even I don’t tell people anymore how much I take because it throws people off. I eat a large amount of this algae spirulina coral i to mine, I eat them with sea salt. Or I sometimes add pistachio nuts, which I know you know, have very low lectins and oxalates. So you can mix them with anything, but but you can and if you do take a lot like I do. Your poop will be a little green. So don’t worry about that. It just shows that the chlorophyll has made its way through your colon and is absorbing toxins and you want it to do that it’s absorbing, remember kills bacteria just like it does on the beach. So it’s killing bacteria in your colon. Really great way to prevent colon cancer. So, but there is not any, anything I have, I’ve taken them every single day for 13 years. And actually, it was my birthday a couple of days ago, I just turned 67 Congratulations. So I’m no spring chicken. And I don’t use Botox. We didn’t even talk about skin or beauty, but I have virtually no wrinkles. And because it’s rich and collagen, it protects your elastin, it’s alkaline so the I don’t have any blemishes or brown spots or anything. So ladies and gentleman who are looking for a natural food based way to improve your beauty, retain it preserve it. I’ll tell you, you can’t go wrong with with spirulina and chlorella. It’s that’s why we actually have a second brand of spirulina because we found ways to help women feel more comfortable with it, we call it beauty bits is identical to energy bits, we just package it thoroughly packaging. That’s what I have on my countertop.

Dr Gundry 41:12
You mentioned several times brain health. And let’s let’s go there. So we got great skin. We’ve got great poops, we’ve got green poops. Are there actual any clinical trials with spirulina or chlorella and brain health?

Speaker 3 41:28
Absolutely, we just did our own. So first of all, I want to share with you a great book that I would recommend called brain energy. It came out in November by Dr. It’s written by Dr. Chris Palmer. He is here in Boston. I know Chris, and he’s a psychiatrist at the Harvard Medical School. And his book was revolutionary, because in it, he documents how all brain issues, anxiety, depression, Alzheimer’s, post traumatic stress disorder, everything is due to damage, mitochondria, everything. And so if you can get the mitochondria functioning properly, your brain pathways, your neurotransmitters, everything will function better. And there’s endless the 10s of 1000s of studies talking about the about brain health. So I thought, well, you know what, I want to do my own clinical trial to test this theory out, because I know the research has shown that superoxide dismutase. And all these nutrients found in algae do help the mitochondria. So we did a small clinical trial of our own. Back in February, we worked with a nonprofit group called the gray team, they’re based in Florida. And their goal, their purpose for existence is to stop the suicide rate of military veterans, which is that at a heartbreaking 35 to 50%. Just let that sink in 35 to 50% of military veterans are committing suicide. That’s unacceptable to me. So we had met these, their organ group a number of times, and they’re trying all sorts of interventions. So they said, well, let’s do a nutritional one. So we had a small group. And we did a brain scan, before they started. And we also connected them to something called Wi Fi, which measured their heart rate and heart rate variability in sleep patterns. And all we did was give them a pouch of our spirulina tablets, 30 tablets every day for 30 days, we ask them not to change anything else. No extra exercises, no change in sleep, no, nothing. Just take 30 of these tablets a date. Now when we did this, the second brain scan and we probably could have showed up the next time we’ll do it again with a bigger group do a brain scan every week. But after 30 days with the first brain scan, by the way, I want to back up these veterans had been discharged for up to 15 or 20 years, because they’d had brain issues. So these were conditions that they had been living with what we had someone with Ms. For a long time they they were willing to try anything. Of course it was just food. So but so we when we did the brain scans the brain, the way the EEG works is if there’s all in this case, it was all blue. I think I have a picture. It showed that the brain was inflamed and no activity. And so in with inflammation, that’s when you have damaged mitochondria. 99% Of or 90% of inflammation is in the mitochondria. 30 days later with all they did was take 30 tablets, inflammation gone, completely gone. And the MS person was there shake their shakes went away. They slept better. One of the individuals whose data we have, they had something called the heart rate variability, which shows your ability to respond to stress. They had a 50% improvement within 30 days, which is almost unheard of. So we’re getting the right this the findings written up in a paper probably won’t be ready till next year. Dr. Dominic D’Agostino is helping us with that. He’s very deep in the science and NASA and keto world and I’ve known him for a long time. So we’re We’re pretty hot. We were thrilled that we saw these results from our LG. So it was it was, it just gives me more encouragement to do more things for people. We had a customer, 85 year old customer, right us who had Alzheimer’s. And he said, you know, he couldn’t even figure out how to work the microwave and he couldn’t find his way home and his mother, his wife got him on the energy bits. And actually the spirit of the chlorella is the recovery bits. And within 24 hours, he was able to function again and I can send you these actual testimonials, people that email us almost every day. We have another woman who was 85 she was incontinent, couldn’t sleep had no energy. within 48 hours of taking the you know, the two LG tablets, I think she was taking 30 day, she wrote us and say well, today I took my grandson to school and watch his basketball game, I went to my friend who was at the nursing home, I went for a three mile walk I had so much energy it came back and I cleaned up my garage, I painted my my kitchen, and I and then at five o’clock, I sat down and had dinner because she only had the LD tablets, which is by the way, my grocery bill has plummeted. Because she didn’t need food anymore. And, and oh, I forgot the best part. She now does CrossFit. At five years old and she’s doing CrossFit. That’s my girl. So So I just wanted to assure you and your community that this isn’t smoke and mirrors it’s just the needs of your body. And most of those needs are dictated by your mitochondria. And your mitochondria are affected directly by what you eat. And they it responds well to the best to certain nutrients like glutathione, superoxide, dismutase, chlorophyll and the FICO Sinan. But those new those four right there aren’t found in any other food. And they aren’t made by your body after the age of 30. And they aren’t in anybody else’s algae unless it’s frozen. So I tell people, I never eat alone. I always eat with my mitochondria. So when you understand that carbs create the most free radicals process carbs, that alone will start you on the path to having less mitochondria damage. And because your mitochondria in your cells are constantly regrowing, it’s like, you know, if you don’t water your lawn, it’s not gonna come back green, you have to give it some care and attention. Your body and your mitochondria and your brain are the same way. Just give it a little TLC and now you know about these nutrients you are I’m trying to empower you so that you can make your own choices. And the great thing I like about algae is again, when people are trying to make changes in their life, it’s so hard to make a change. So even if you change nothing else, and just added 10 spirulina tablets in the morning and 10 chlorella tablets and I promise you, you will see your energy, improve your brain focus, improve your skin, improve your digestion, your sleep, that list is endless and it’s not fabricated. It’s not a trend. It’s just nutrition that your body and your mitochondria need. It’s the key that opens the door to great health.

Dr Gundry 48:19
Catherine, you’re good enough sum that up better. How do people get these things?

Speaker 3 48:27
Great question. Thank you. Well come and visit us at energy bits.com That’s ENERGYBIT s.com And we have a 20% discount code for your community Dr. Gundry but code is just the word Gundry. Sir, like you know Madonna or or Shakira, right? One word, it’s just Gundry just get in there and and you can buy bags you can buy single box is a single pouches. We have a sample pack. Now if you’re not ready again the big bags your best value they have 1000 tablets and with the discount code brings it down to about $100 A bag and I don’t want you to have sticker shock because think about it. If you it has 551 pounds of vegetables, the nutrition of vegetables and and 10 tablets a day. That’s $1 a day. Your health, your brain, your gut, your mitochondria are worth $1 a day. We’re talking about prevention. Say goodbye to those chronic diseases or if you have one, say hello to you recovering from them. So and at the same time you’re getting you know, protein and you can stop buying most of your supplements. It’s the best thing you’ll ever do for yourself, I promise and they’re good for kids. They’re good for pets, grandparents, any age groups. So, energy bits.com en ERG why be it s and if you aren’t ready to make the big plunge and buy a big bag. You can go to Amazon and buy a single pallet For $6, there’s no discount codes. But just in then come back to the website, we’re not here to push the product on people. I just am here to educate you. We do a blog, lots of resources there to learn lots of links to scientific papers, and we’ll send you Dr. Gundry. Some of the ones that I referred to today about the fight cosine and killing cancer cells in the brain health issues. We just want people to be healthy, and it shouldn’t be so difficult. And so this is your effortless answer to great health.

Dr Gundry 50:31
All right, and I know what your life’s work and keep up the good work.

Speaker 3 50:34
Thank you so much. And you too, you know, you’re an inspiration. I’ve read all your books, man. Hope to meet you. Well, have

Dr Gundry 50:40
we ever met? Yeah, absolutely. All right. Yeah. Now that people are back out and again. All right, well, let you go. Thanks so much for being on and hope to see you again soon.

Unknown Speaker 50:52
I hope so. Thank you so much. All right. Bye. Bye.

Dr Gundry 50:56
All right, it’s time for our audience question. Dean Martin son. See I three l k. From YouTube says Hello, Dr. Gundry. I love your information and subscribe. I just saw a video where a doctor mentioned that if you suffer from fatty liver, type two diabetes that we should avoid all oil, including olive oil. Do you agree? Well, that may be one of the worst recommendations I’ve ever heard for the treatment of fatty liver. In fact, most people who suffer from fatty liver are consuming huge amounts of carbohydrates, specifically fructose. And what a lot of people don’t know is that fructose turns into components that cause fatty liver and this has been shown over and over and over again, and has nothing to do with consuming fat. In fact, multiple studies using olive oil show that olive oil either in animals or in humans, is actually one of the best ways to reverse fatty liver because of the phytosterols and the poly phenols that olive oil has. And most of the studies have super long lived people show that they consume about a liter of olive oil per week, that’s 10 to 12 tablespoons a day. So no olive oil does not cause type two diabetes and fatty liver back, it’s one of the best ways to reverse it. Now it’s time for the review of the week and Joe cast Alana 1610. From Youtube, I’ve been taking ashwagandha for over three years now and I’m sleeping better. And my testosterone is almost 1100. And I’m 59 years old next month, I’ve also been implementing Dr. Gundry is plant longevity energy paradox program, and have never felt better, over 90 pounds lost over that time, and have maintained my new weight effortlessly. Thank you, sir, for your insights. Well, and Joe, thank you for letting us know about this. You know, this is why I do this. This is why you know I show up on your computer or your tablet or your phone multiple times a day or week I hope to give you information based on my now coming up on 25 years of experience with daily treating patients, taking care of them, guiding them, learning from them what works, what doesn’t work, and passing it on to you. So thanks for writing in again. This is why I do this. Great work great results. Hope everybody listens to this, because I’m Dr. Gundry. And I’m always looking out for you.

Speaker 1 54:00
I hope you enjoyed this episode of The Dr. Gundry podcast. If you did please share this with family and friends. You never know how one of these health tips can completely transform someone’s life when you take the time to share it with them. There’s also the Dr. Gundry podcast YouTube channel where we have 10s of 1000s of free health insights that can help you and your loved ones live a long vital life. Let’s do this together.

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