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Welcome to the Dr. Gundry Podcast, the weekly podcast, where Dr. G gives you the tools you need to boost your health and live your healthiest life.

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Welcome to the Dr. Gundry Podcast. Let’s face it. We all wake up in the morning with morning breath, but before you reach for that bottle of mouthwash, or yes, even certain toothpaste, consider this. Almost all oral hygiene products on the market today are actually killing off the good bacteria of your oral microbiome, which can lead to some pretty serious health issues down the line. Like your gut, it is absolutely crucial to preserve the good bacteria in your mouth, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have nice, fresh smelling breath. In fact, my guest today says there are plenty of ways to naturally improve your smile and your health. He’s Puneet Nanda, aka Dr. Fresh, an Ayurvedic practitioner and CEO of GuruNanda, a wellness company that combines ancient healing wisdom with cutting edge technology. In just a minute, we’re going to dive into all natural oral care alternatives you can use to support your overall well-being. Stick around, we’ll be right back. This guy is so important, so famous, and you probably never heard of him, so please stay tuned.

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Hey, thanks so much for joining us today. We’ve been talking off camera and I’ve gotten to know you a bit. Can you share with everybody your background because it’s fascinating and I think people understanding where you’re from, what you went through, your success story and how you live in the dream or not live in the dream, I think is really important. Go ahead.

Puneet Nanda (00:04:06):
Thank you for giving me the opportunity Dr. Gundry. I actually am from New Delhi, India originally. I grew up in a toothbrush manufacturing family. My father and my brothers make toothbrushes for a living. Toothbrushes for multinational corporations, including the most famous names in the world. Like any Indian dad, my dad wanted me to study medicine and wanted me to… In India, it’s either you got to be engineer or a doctor or something to be a complete son. I went to school in India and Russia and things were not really socioeconomically right in Russia, so I moved to the United States and I started Dr. Fresh, the original company, which I sold early on in 2012. I lived American dream. I knew very quickly that if I want to be successful, I need to innovate and bring my products.

I innovated a lot of products. I had 58 patents in my old company, which I sold. At the end of 2010, approximately 2009, while I had achieved a lot of success, I’d also messed up a lot of my body. I forgot the basic principles of medicine. I was eating a lot of junk food at fast-food restaurants. I was working 12, 14 hours sitting down at my desk, not moving. I was drinking sodas. I thought this is the American way. I got influenced. I left what I grew up with and I got overly Americanized, how somebody gets into something new and they get overly Americanized. Literally, I had grown to over 200 pounds. I started on a lot of pharmaceutical medications, almost 14 pills a day to treat every possible lifestyle disorder you can get at a very early age in life.

One day I woke up… I had a wake up call actually, which was an anxiety attack, which the doctor thought initially, when I went to the ER, that it’s a heart attack or something. I was 39 at that time. That is when I realized… All my friends, all my classmates are doctors either in America or in India. He said, “Hey, do you know the King of Sudan?” I said, “No.” I don’t know. He said, “If you don’t know him, he spent all his life becoming the king. Well, who the hell cares about you? You need to just take care of yourself and go back to your roots.” I actually sold the business. I took a year off and I cleansed my whole body by doing the mindful things.

I started eating very mindfully. Whatever I put in my temple is very important. Literally, I was looking through your book and practically, this book is all about a Indian sect called Jain. It’s practically the Jain diet, where you refute a lot of… Even because you don’t like tomatoes and you don’t like things that grow in under the ground or something, exactly that diet. I’m very impressed because that diet has been around for thousands of years. That’s a very special clan that lives for a long life and they have longer lives and they really do a good job in maintaining their system. I went on similar kind of a diet, basically eating everything in moderation. I believe everything in moderation, including moderation. That said, I also started doing yoga every day, and I learned yoga. I became a certified yoga instructor. Double certified in US and India. I started really focusing on yoga and walking every day and making sure I live healthy.

I lost almost 35-40 pounds at that point. I literally lost every medication, all 14 pills for quite some time. I just started on one lately. Apart from that, literally lost everything. I feel everybody can do it if they really focus and make it a point to do it right. It’s a product of choice, not of reason. I know we live in a society where it’s a society of abundance because people in certain countries, they don’t have abundance. Here we have abundance. Whenever we go to Beverly Hills, to a restaurant, it’s like menu full of 20 delicious things. You’re like, “How much can I eat?” It’s all about the choice that you make. Once you be mindful of those choices, you start to become better, I feel.

Dr. Gundry (00:09:49):
Well, I think you said something important that I say all the time, which is a very important point in Ayurvedic medicine, that this is your temple. I always say, “Look, this is the only house you’re ever going to live in.” This is it. Maybe we’ll come back. I’m coming back as one of my dogs, if I come back. You’re right, this is the temple. If we spend as much attention, time, money on taking care of this temple, this house, that we do taking care of our car, taking care of our clothes and incidentally, you look fabulous today. Our actual house that we live in, it’s amazing what can happen if we just put that attention there?

Puneet Nanda (00:10:42):
Absolutely. It doesn’t take a lot of time. It’s all about mindfulness. It’s just about paying attention. That’s all.

Dr. Gundry (00:10:49):
Yeah. I wanted you to tell that story because it’s so important. You were living the American dream in the best way and the worst way, and it came back to bite you. Good for you to recognize that. A lot of times it’s almost in addiction. You obviously have to hit rock bottom to…

Puneet Nanda (00:11:22):
I wish your listeners actually don’t have to hit the rock bottom and learn from other people’s mistake, like my mistake and take care of it before they hit the rock bottom. Sometimes you never come out of the rock bottom, not everybody’s that lucky. I was that lucky that I could come out of it, but not everybody is. I would suggest take this with a grain of salt and start doing the right thing today.

Dr. Gundry (00:11:48):
I mentioned Ayurvedic. You’re an Ayurvedic practitioner.

Puneet Nanda (00:11:54):
I actually don’t practice Ayurveda. I have learned Ayurveda. I’ve learned yoga and I’ve learned regular Western medicine. I have learned Ayurveda, but I don’t practice on day-to-day. I’m running a business day-to-day.

Dr. Gundry (00:12:14):
Yeah, let’s talk about your business. My wife is a huge fan when she’s listening to this. We’re going to get into my wife’s practice in a second. Tell me about GuruNanda and the oral microbiome. What’s the three pillars that you set up for this?

Puneet Nanda (00:12:39):
First for the name GuruNanda, a lot of people think it’s a strange name. Guru in Indian language, I’m from India, guru in Indian language means teacher. My name is Puneet Nanda. Puneet means pure, ananda basically is a bliss. Pure bliss was the meaning of my name.

Dr. Gundry (00:13:02):

Puneet Nanda (00:13:04):
I called it GuruNanda… Was the name of my yoga studio which I opened after selling the company. I just wanted to selfishly take care of myself more than anything else. I thought, if I’m in this business of yoga, then I practically will keep doing it, teaching others and learning myself and doing myself every day. Then I realized that a lot of young women who were buying essential oils from companies like doTERRA and Young Living, which are multi-level marketing companies, which have great products, were using them very often and successfully.

One of the oils actually changed my thought about it because I wasn’t initially a believer because I always believed in Western science. Oregano oil, because I used to have a lot of allergies. I would sneeze 50 to 100 times a day. That oregano oil changed my view about essential oils. That is when I literally got inspired by the supplies. How the supply system works from farm to bottle. I replicated that supply system for retail, where I cut out all the middle man. My whole idea was I may made my American dream come true with my first company [inaudible 00:14:28]. I want to do something for people so that I can bridge the gap. Everything I do today is to bridge the gap. I want to bring Whole Food kind of products to a smaller discount store, like a Dollar Tree or a Big Lots or a Walmart of the world, so that I can reach the masses with natural high quality products.

Most of the people who actually sell really high quality products, sell them at Whole Foods. They mock them at 90%, literally triple the prices. Then there are a lot of product that call themselves coconut oil, but if you look on the label behind, the first ingredient is mineral oil. If you read the whole thing, the last ingredient on the list is coconut oil, but they’re calling it coconut oil. Then there’s a lot of air freshener cans that you look at big stores. They say made with essential oils. You put it under a GC test, Gas chromatography test, there is 0.1% real essential oils. All they do is they’re using all sort of chemicals that some of them fall under cariogenic lists even, and putting a drop of essential oil and calling them essential oils. That is what is going on. It’s a marketing gimmick.

People need to be aware, either you are in this camp or you are in this camp. You can have fragrance product and one ingredient being essential oil. Then there are certain companies who are selling online that just write everything fake. It’s very hard because there is no particular monogram. It’s very hard to differentiate between the companies, which is making a lot of people not be happy with some of the products that there are in the market.

Dr. Gundry (00:16:33):
Well, we’ve never talked about essential oils on my podcast. A lot of my listeners certainly have heard of them, but may not know… Okay, what the heck do you do with them? Do you smell them? Do you put a drop on your forehead to relieve your migraine? Do you put it under your tongue? Do you drink a bottle of essential oil? How did you use oil of oregano. I’m a big fan of oil of oregano, the real stuff. How did you use it and to turn around your allergies?

Puneet Nanda (00:17:08):
I was in Greece at a distillery and I was in a business meeting. I had forgotten all my regimen of steroids and Claritins of the world. I wouldn’t say names. I’ve forgotten the regimen of steroids and cetirizine hydrochloride brand name products. I realized I was sneezing like crazy 100 times in that distiller and that old man, 94-year old guy walked up to me and said, “You’re in bad shape.” He was the dad of that distiller. He said, “What if I gave you a couple of drops of oregano oil?” He put a couple of drops of oregano oil in a 16 ounce bottle, shook it up and gave it to me and told me to chug the whole thing in. I said, “Okay.” I did it. Afternoon, I did it again and when we went out to dinner, I did it back again.

Next morning, I was going to take medication, but I literally forgot because I did not sneeze. I was shocked. I said, “How in the world could this happen?” I had gone to every major doctors in Cedars, UCLA, Mayo, and nothing was helping me. This was all gone. I thought this could be a fluke. I tried it few times. Any time I would get that bout of sneezing, I’ll do that, and it would go away. It may not work for everybody. I think essential oils is not a pure science. It’s like our five fingers are not the same. Nothing is going to work for every everybody. You have to hit and try, number one. Number two, you shouldn’t drink oils like I did, because that could harm your kidneys and liver.

Even if you are doing it, you have to do it on oils which are already something that you put, like oregano you put on your Pizza. Peppermint, you actually eat peppermint, showing gum or something like that. You know that these are okay, but then there are certain oils that you never ingest or never takes because they could harm your liver really bad, or you harm your kidney. Ingestion is something I don’t promote. Using it on skin… These essential oils, they are more vapor oils. They’re volatile components basically. These volatile components, if they’re added to a carrier oil or fatty oil, you can use it on skin if the dilution is at least no more than between 2% to 5%. If 2% to 5% of essential oil is mixed with a fatty oil like olive oil, which you like and love I’ve seen in your book, that is a great carrier oil.

You use olive oil, add a couple of drops of let’s say lavender oil and rub it on your temples, your feet before you sleep at night. If you do it for another 21 days, minimum, use some olive oil, add 5% lavender, rub it on your feet. You’ll have a great night’s sleep and you’ll see that within 21 days your sleep cycle will start to improve by at least about 15 minutes to an hour. I have experienced it myself. These oils have been tested. If you look at lavender, the main three components are linalool, linalyl acetate, and lavandulyl acetate. Linalool has been used in a lot of actual medications to actually get you distressed and get you better sleep and stuff like that. They extract parts of the biocomponents of the oil and use it everywhere.

Same with peppermint. Peppermint has menthol in it, and menthol is being used in your Tiger Balms of the world and your other things that actually give you Icy Hots of the world.

Dr. Gundry (00:21:20):

Puneet Nanda (00:21:25):
All these essential oils where some of these biocomponents are extracted, isolated and used so that the companies can actually use to make a specific product so that they can actually mark it up.

Dr. Gundry (00:21:42):
Interesting. All right. That’s essential oils. Thank you for explaining that. Now let’s talk about the oral microbiome, which we introduced this podcast with. Most people who follow my podcast, know how important are gut microbiome? I, in my books talk about the holobiome, which is not just the gut microbiome, but the oral microbiome, the skin microbiome, and most of us know, I hope, that we actually have a microbiome that floats around us in space. One fun thing is that there’s a theory that I like that personal space is where my holobiome meets your holobiome and that’s the spot that we interact.

Puneet Nanda (00:22:35):
I absolutely think you are onto something, right? Number one, when you look at it, microbiomes are actually fighter for you. Microbiomes are your fighters. As you focus on gut, the gut really starts from your mouth because the digestive system starts here because you start salivating, you start actually digestion right here. If your mouth… If you’re using, like in the ’70s, there was a mouthwash that came out with a tagline saying,” If you don’t burn, it doesn’t work.” A lot of people who were in the World War II era, grown up, gone to the military schools. They thought they’re going to be macho man or macho woman by using something that is going to burn. No pain, no gain was the main thing. In India, there was one toothbrush company that had come out with a slogan where they said, “If you don’t bleed, that means you’re not taking off the bad germs out of your mouth.”

They were unscrupulous things going on early in the day. Then there’s another company that saw an opportunity, came out with cetylpyridinium chloride product. CPC, they call it. cetylpyridinium chloride is another antimicrobial agent. They came out with a tagline saying, “All the benefits without the burn.” Both of the things did the same, 99.9% of the bacteria was eradicated. Now it’s almost like… Let’s say, if you had four bad guys in Los Angeles. You go and bomb entire Los Angeles and nuke it all out. You’ll kill a lot of talent also. 98% of the bacteria in the mouth are good bacteria. It’s just a couple of point bacteria that are not good. Certain bacteria like streptococcus mutants, the bacteria that actually cause cavities. They also keep in check if your good bacteria is around, otherwise they’ll have a field day. Having a healthy microbiome is like having a healthy society. Keeping the bad guys handcuffed in jails and keeping the good guys flourishing. That’s what a good society does and that’s what you need to do with healthy microbiomes.

Dr. Gundry (00:25:22):
All right. The question is, how do you keep the healthy guys happy? What do you do?

Puneet Nanda (00:25:31):
First of all, don’t kill them.

Dr. Gundry (00:25:34):
Good advice.

Puneet Nanda (00:25:35):
Whenever you go and kill the good guys, they’ll be bad guys, 1 is equal to 10 good guys. They’ll start to rule. That’s how it works in the world. What I would do is don’t kill everything in vicinity. When I talk about oil pulling, oil pulling has been around for hundreds and thousands of years in Indian Ayurveda. What oil pulling does is, oil by inherent nature goes and seeps everywhere. Our bacteria mostly as a way to protect themselves… like as humans, we form our own huts and we live behind the hut. If there is a storm, we go inside the hut, something like that. Bad bacteria, they keep forming biofilms and they tend to live behind them. Biofilm on top of biofilm on top of biofilm is plaque. When you wake up in the morning, let’s say you take a little dry brush as experiment. Don’t do it every day, but as experiment wet it. When you just brush it dry, you’ll see that white sticky substance come out. That’s plaque.

Now, imagine if you did not have a good oral hygiene and you mechanically don’t remove it because you’re not brushing. What would happen? You would actually have calcified plaque, which becomes tartar. Then you’ll have to go to a dentist clinic and get the cleaning done and literally break all the plaque because behind the plaque is residing, maybe, the streptococcus mutant that has going go and form cavities. Now you have to go to a dentist where he has to drill and bill you. In case, you’re taking care of good hygiene. I don’t want dentists out of business because there’s nothing that replaces them. It is very important to get your self checked up. What I mean to say is a healthy hygiene in your mouth leads to a healthy body overall. I think if you’re not taking of your mouth, you’re not taking care of your entire body, because this is where everything begins.

Dr. Gundry (00:27:57):
No, you’re right. In fact, you can really expand on that. Dr. Dale Bredesen, who wrote The End of Alzheimer’s, and I become good friends. He and others are convinced that one of the many causes of dementia in Alzheimer’s is the mouth has got a direct shot to the brain. It’s really only an inch away. These mouth flora, the bad guys have access to the brain. It’s this access that causes this. Now you mentioned that these bacteria formed biofilms and actually make huts. I actually call them igloos because there is some evidence that some of these oral flora get into our bloodstream and that when people get a coronary calcium scan of their coronary arteries, there’s only really two things that can make calcium in our body. One are bone making cells and the other is actually the bacteria in our mouth that form tartar, that’s calcium.

There’s an interesting theory that I like, that these bacteria, the calcium that we see in the blood vessels are actually these biofilms that are calcified. They’re little igloos to protect these bacteria. There’s one interesting study where people were given a mild antibiotic tetracycline for six months, along with some other nutritional support. There was dramatic reversal of the coronary calcium in their blood vessels. The study’s only been done once. I think your point I applaud is that there is so much important stuff going on in our mouth and we just neglected.

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Puneet Nanda (00:36:04):
Three kind of major mouth washes are there. One with alcohol in the market. There’s one with cetylpyridinium chloride. Then the third one most famous one is with sodium fluoride. The oil pulling is very different. It’s a pre-brush regimen. It’s not post brush. For post brushing I’ve actually made a product called concentrated mouthwash, and this is more about sustainability and natural essential oils. I’ll come to that. What oil pulling does is when you’re oil pulling, you’re actually seeping in between the biofilms. You’re loosening them up. When you’re losing up the biofilms and when you brush with them, you can actually eradicate all those biofilms in a much better way. Now, when the electric toothbrushes became popular, the reason was because your own saliva was being used as micro bullets to go and mechanically injure the biofilms so that the biofilms are loosened up and they can be removed better.

With oil pulling, you’re practically doing the same thing with more subtle way. The reason oil pulling name came in existence is because they basically pull all the bad bacteria behind the biofilms and loosen up the biofilms so you can flush out their living spaces so that you can have pave way for healthy microbiome to exist. With this oil pulling, since it has… The bases could be coconut oil or sesame oil. We have one with coconut oil base, which is a little bit more Americanized version because it tastes a lot better. Then there is this Ayurvedic version, which is the advanced oil pulling or the original one. These are with sesame oil in them and this is how it was written in the Ayurvedic text. This says little bit more, not just oral health, it is also supposed to help detox your entire body.

There is a science behind it. According to Ayurveda, the body works on pure system. Pure system is P for perspiration. U for urination. R for respiration and E for excretion. Whatever you take out through excretion, majority of your toxins in your body that you’re eating preservatives all day long. Your body’s very smart. It’s going to take it out. That’s excretion. Urination is another quick way. You eat bunch load of… I saw one woman eating 13 vitamins in the morning, 13 in the afternoon, 13 at night. She’s being very expensive P because now that’s not required to put… You’re also sometimes overloading your essential organs like kidney and urination is another one. Then perspiration is when you sweat. You go in heat sauna, you detox your body. That’s your body’s way to perspire. If you go to a gym, you sweat it out. That’s your body’s way to get rid of your toxins.

The last one is respiration, which is when you breathe deep breath, that’s all about yoga. When you deep breathe, your oxygen actually goes all the way to your peripheries of your body, your hands, your feet. There are ways called pranayama, where when you deep breathe in certain ways, the oxygen permeates your cell membrane. Goes into cell. Metabolic activity takes place. The carbon dioxide is spit out. Cell repair starts to take place at the peripheries of the body by deep breathing and you detox when you metabolize better. Your metabolic activity increases. Deep breathing is another thing people may… This is probably the most underrated thing in the world, because if you deep breathe, simple deep breathing, if you deep breathe every day very cautiously, you’re actually increasing your metabolism.

You’re actually improving your health subconsciously. Coming back to oil pulling, I will tell you some incidents of my own. In 2012, when I’d sold my company, I was going to India. I was having a infection on my tooth and the doctors gave me antibiotics. They said, “You need to get the inflammation down and your X-rays don’t look good. When you come back from your trip, we might have to do a root canal on it.” I was petrified. I said, “Okay.” He’s a very good friend of mine actually. I said, “Okay.” I went to India to this yoga ashram and I was learning Ayurveda. This main head of the place, I told him, I have this problem and if it erupts back, there’s no dental office in vicinity for 50-100 miles. What would happen?

He put me on oil pulling, which is traditionally being used in Ayurveda and it felt yucky. I said, “Well, I can’t take the oil in my mouth.” But I did it because it was the part of the whole routine. I started doing it. It took me about a month literally to get used to it. I started it with 30 seconds. Then a minute, then two minutes and slowly I started to enjoy it. After about a month, and it’s been over 10 years now, I don’t pull every day, but I pull at least three, four days a week. I pull during my shower time. I think this is one thing, till now I have zero root canals and I’ve been able to sustain that tooth that was really in a bad shape up till now.

I hope I can keep sustaining it. Simultaneously, I’ve had no other major issues in the mouth. I’m 55, I’m basically been able to preserve pretty much something that I wish I would’ve started it when I was 20. I would have been on the same regimen. I started pretty late in life, but still it’s been of great preventive help for my dental health.

Dr. Gundry (00:42:45):
How long do you do it?

Puneet Nanda (00:42:47):
I personally do oil pulling on Saturday and Sunday for about 10 minutes a day. On normal days in the morning, I do it for the shower time. My shower time could be anywhere from three to six minutes and I do it for the time of the shower. I do it most days, but since we came out with this amazing product… This is one of my favorite inventions of all time.

Dr. Gundry (00:43:13):

Puneet Nanda (00:43:14):
Yes. The reason I call it is because number one, in big bottles of mouthwash, you won’t realize it’s basically you’re transporting water at all across the country because in this big bottle of mouthwash, if it is a CPC mouthwash, 98% of the ingredient is water, aqua, nothing. Basically, you’re transporting water. Now, when you add water to all the stuff, you have to add a very robust preservative system, because water can catch fungus. Water can catch other problems. If you are not preserving it really nice. What you have to do is you have to add a lot of preservatives, but as you know, if you’re using a mouthwash, number one, it’s antimicrobial, which is okay once in a while.

Apart from that, you’re adding in so many other chemicals that are there to preserve that water-based mouthwash. We came up with this product, it has got very simple ingredient and very simple preservative. It’s less than 1% alcohol. Most of the product is essential oil based. The number one essential oils are for keeping your well-being of your breath, so peppermint oil, the real peppermint. A lot of people, especially even the big companies overseas are using synthetic pepper to actually normalize the taste and standardize the production because peppermint oil is crop based. Synthetic one is not.

In here, it’s the real peppermint oil, farm to table and spearmint oil, cardamom oil, fennel oil. Cardamom is used in Indian tea and fennel is after Indian food, you eat it to keep your digestive system and your breath in check. Then there is tea tree oil that we bring from Australia or from South Africa, which is the Australian variety too. We have clove oil. Clove has been used by Indian dentists for years to ensure… This was almost like in days when you did not have lidocaine and benzocaine and all that stuff. Clove was the product of choice for a lot of dentists. Oregano oil, which I absolutely am in love with, but we put it very microdosing because small is big when it comes to essential oils. People don’t realize one drop of essential oil, let’s say one drop of peppermint oil is equal to 28 cups of peppermint tea.

Dr. Gundry (00:46:03):

Puneet Nanda (00:46:05):
We use 4,000 kilos of rose petals to create one kilo of rose oil. The real rose oil is close to 15 to $20,000 a kilo versus you go and find the rose oil on certain major website that everybody uses for 20 bucks. That’s all fragrance. It’s not rose essential oil.

Dr. Gundry (00:46:31):

Puneet Nanda (00:46:32):
Right. Then we have also added vitamin D, E and K2 in this. Apart from all these essential oils, there’s one more product, which I literally very heavily believe it’s something called jasmine oil. Now, why would jasmine do anything with dental? Jasmine is the best possible product to keeping your minds calm. It is also a little bit of a aphrodisiac truthfully. In older days, women used to wear jasmine flowers and on their hair for the first night, so the men get aroused by it.

Now, what does it have to do with it? That little product, which is in micro dose here is probably more expensive than the whole bottle. You’ll have a good feeling after using it that you’ve never had. When you use this essential oil, a based mouthwash, you put a few drops, four or five drops in a cup that comes along with it and add some water and gurgle with it, swish it all around your mouth. It’s almost like oil pulling in a way, but not really because it has water to it and it doesn’t do the exact same job as this. What these essential oils, because of their inherent property of being used by your body as a plant food so they’re not enemies of the body, but simultaneously because of their inherent antimicrobial properties, they go and abstain the bad guys from growing further while not harming the good guys.

That is how the whole process was developed. I personally think this is unbelievable. Product is brand new. We’ve put it in Walmart retail stores. Maybe too early for going to Walmart. I should have gone to Whole Foods and other places. The reason I went to Walmart is because I am not bothered about making money. My main thing is how do I get to the masses? How do I get the best product to the masses and bridge the gap? That’s my whole thesis [inaudible 00:48:51]. Then with this product it’s oil pulling, which also has the more robust version. Also, has all these essential oils alongside the coconut oil.

Dr. Gundry (00:49:05):

Puneet Nanda (00:49:06):
So it helps.

Dr. Gundry (00:49:08):
Well, my wife, Penny, is a skeptic about most things that I bring home. People send me lots of things to try and you have advertised on our podcast. I brought some of this home and she said, “Okay, I’m going to try that.” She is such a huge fan. She does this almost every day and she will do it up to 20 minutes at a time. Yesterday we were talking about this, because she knew you were going to be on the show. She said, “I used to have to get my teeth whitened and get those trays and everything.” She opens her mouth. She said, “Look at my teeth.” They’re pearly gorgeous. She hasn’t had teeth whitening, I don’t know, for five years. Then she said, “Let me see your teeth.” My teeth are not pearly white. Even though I went to the dentist for cleaning about three weeks ago. She said, “That’s what that’s doing.” Thank you so much. She’s a huge fan. I can tell you at least one person, what you say, she can back up with.

Puneet Nanda (00:50:30):
I’m looking at your teeth. Actually your teeth have very tight contacts.

Dr. Gundry (00:50:34):
Oh yes.

Puneet Nanda (00:50:35):
While looking at your teeth, because they are so tight, you probably will benefit from it the most. A lot of people don’t realize when they have tight contacts, it’s hard for them to floss.

Dr. Gundry (00:50:48):

Puneet Nanda (00:50:49):
There is nothing that I always profess that… This is an old saying, but I always profess that. You only floss the teeth you want to keep. Oil is probably this Cocoment or one of the more advanced versions, if you can get used to the taste is probably the best thing for somebody with tight context like yourself. Now, I don’t know if you know that when I started working in this industry, 28 years ago, only 11% of America flossed. Right now that has grown because earlier it used to be the spool floss then came the floss pick in the early ’90s.

After floss pick came, the soft pick where you could go between your teeth because there’s a plastic covered with soft rubber. Then water flossers became cheaper, so more affordable for people to use it. I actually would tell you, if you use this concentrated mouthwash in your portable water flosser or water flosser. Add one ml of it into your water flosser and floss with it. You will feel like you had a car wash of your entire mouth. You would feel like a million bucks. I promise you that. This is unbelievable product for that particular reason. I have been doing that and I am personally become the biggest fan of my own product [inaudible 00:52:28]. It is unbelievable.

Another thing I’ve been doing since I actually got in touch with you. I am a big proponent of having a healthy microbiome like yourself. Actually, I ordered one product of yours, the probiotic product, because I wanted to order one and see what is your products like? I’d heard of your podcast and I’d heard you at several instances, but never really fully paid attention, unfortunately. When I ordered these probiotics, I actually have been using that probiotic. I take out one capsule, I open it up and actually use it in the oil pull, while I’m oil pulling on a Saturday or Sunday. It gives me a little bit more time. Actually, I’ve been using it while doing the concentrated mouthwash.

Now, why do I use your product? Because it’s in a capsule format. Whenever there are pressed tablets of probiotics, they may write a billion bacteria available, got a good bacteria available, but by the time the heat press it, most of it is done. At the end, when you check it, there is nothing left at the end of the shelf life. I think that’s a very good way to add probiotics to your regimen too.

Dr. Gundry (00:53:49):
Well, thanks for the plug. We appreciate it. Years ago, one of our early products was actually an oral microbiome, little chew tab. I was that impressed that we needed to work on the oral microbiome, but unfortunately no one bought it because no one really thinks about… You’re right. This is where it all starts. This is where the microbiome starts. Folks, this guy has been Dr. Mouth for his entire life. His family started in the mouth. He started in the mouth and it’s just great to have really someone who’s devoted his entire career to the mouth here.

Puneet Nanda (00:54:43):
I was reading on McDonald’s, over a billion burger sold. I’ve actually, between me and my family, we’ve sold over a billion toothbrushes.

Dr. Gundry (00:54:52):
A billion?

Puneet Nanda (00:54:53):
Over a billion.

Dr. Gundry (00:54:55):
That’s a lot of toothbrushes.

Puneet Nanda (00:54:56):

Dr. Gundry (00:54:57):
Toothbrushing really is only the start is what I’m hearing from you.

Puneet Nanda (00:55:02):
Toothbrushing… There’s a four brush part regimen that I profess. First is oil pulling. After oil pulling, it’s brushing with a pea-size toothpaste. After that it is flossing. Flossing could be with a water flosser or it could be with either of the flossing techniques that I talked to were spool floss. If you do it spool floss, you have to get into the gum line a little bit. Make sure you’re actually using it to clean up the bad bacteria between the gum and the enamel. The teeth and the gums. That is very important. Then after that, cooling it off with concentrated mouthwash, which is this product that actually works overnight to help you fight all the bad stuff. This oil pulling product comes with a tongue scraper inside for free. This is a very old Indian Ayurvedic technique where you scrape your tongue so that you get rid of the plaque on your tongue.

The reason that is important is because plaque formation is not just on the enamel or the gums. It is also on your tongue. By this, you are mechanically removing that extra plaque while you are actually exposing your taste buds so that when you eat your food, your food eating habits can change because now you can signal to your brain better if your taste buds are around that, “Okay, I’m full, stop. Don’t eat more.” Then you taste the food better. Your salivary system works better, so your digestion actually improves. This is mechanically actually helping your entire gut microbiome as well by actually doing tongue scraping. I know a lot of people… I was on a TV show once and the woman thought this is some kind of a soda water.

Dr. Gundry (00:57:08):
Yeah, it’s a bottle opener.

Puneet Nanda (00:57:11):
Actually, it comes free with it. I’m giving it free just because I want you people to actually use it. It’s not about money making here. It’s all about how do I get the right dental hygiene to the people. I’m an American dream come true as an entrepreneur and I want to give back by bringing good products to the people who can’t afford it.

Dr. Gundry (00:57:36):
Thank you. Appreciate that. One last thing, sesame oil. You mentioned it has a strong Ayurvedic tradition of healing. In my last book, it turns out that sesame oil is actually one of the best oils to prevent these pieces of bacteria from getting through the bowel wall called LPSs, lipopolysaccharides. There’s human studies that show two tablespoons of sesame oil per day, actually dramatically lowers blood pressure in people who have high blood pressure. So much of these traditional wisdom we now have available tools to study why the traditional wisdom was correct. Nobody knew why it worked back then.

Puneet Nanda (00:58:29):
They didn’t have scientific data, but they used it for ages, generation to degeneration. India is fortunately 4000, 5,000 plus years old society.

Dr. Gundry (00:58:39):
Been around a while.

Puneet Nanda (00:58:43):
Sesame oil, if you look at Japan and India are the two countries that use Sesame oil the most. Sesame oil, I agree with you, but with oil pulling in there, sesame oil has an inherent property of actually, because it’s fatty, how our bodies work. Whenever you’re eating processed food, for example, it is going through your lymphatic system. It should, but when your lymphatic system is overloaded, all the bad stuff, all the toxins, they get stored in your warehouse of your body, which is your fat cells. It becomes toxic fat. Under your tongue, it’s almost like a mechanism where you can actually use the sesame oil. There is a doctor called Dr. Kulreet Chaudhary, who’s a neurologist and a Ayurvedic physician combined in San Diego. She has done some work on it.

She’s talked about how sesame oil alongside some of these products are actually helpful by bringing out all the toxins from those fat cells out while you’re doing. Whatever you collect in your mouth after 10, 15 minutes is a lot of toxins out of your body as you do it slowly. That’s another belief system in Ayurveda. Not as much studied, but that’s traditional.

Dr. Gundry (01:00:25):
Well, thanks for so much for joining us. Where can people find GuruNanda and more about it?

Puneet Nanda (01:00:36):
The concentrated mouthwash, the Cocoment, these two are available at Walmart retail stores on their shelves, but this is available on Amazon as well. This would be available on Amazon within a couple of weeks. We should have them available on Amazon. When it comes to brushing. I do want to talk one quick thing. I’ve come up with a very unique brush. It’s like butter on your gums because the number one problem with brushing has been, people brush too hard and as we age gum recession takes place. With this last two, three years of subconscious stress, people don’t realize they’re actually brushing harder than normal. The gum recession activity, I have a lot of dentists. I have a 28,000 Rolodex of dentists. Most of the dentists have seen, number one, people didn’t go to a dentist for a year.

Number two, gum recession has been inherent because of the extra subconscious stress and because they’ve been brushing harder than normal. I came up with these special bristles that are like butter to your gums, and they are very special. I am trying to bring them within a couple of weeks on Amazon. We already are talking to Walmart to bring them out. In any case, they are all available. All these things on gurunanda.com, which is our website. It’s a strange name as one of the ladies in one of the viral video said, “It’s guru is G-U-R-U and Nanda is N-A-N-D-A, which is my last name, so gurunanda.com.

Dr. Gundry (01:02:24):
What’s the name of the toothbrush?

Puneet Nanda (01:02:26):
Right now we haven’t really named it. I was thinking butter on your gums, but literally it’s called dental guru, extra clean. This could be one of those days where we are going to be naming it. We are for now giving it free within some of the oil pulling product. We are giving it free with the Cocoment oil. The reason is I want people to experience this. As I told you, it’s not about the money. I’ve been successful. I just want to bring some really good products that I’ve learned how to make over 50 plus years of my family’s combined experience into public hands at very minimalistic prizes so that the masses can afford it. I want to bridge the gap. That is my mission.

Dr. Gundry (01:03:26):
Well, I know you’re known as Dr. Fresh, but quite frankly, folks, this is Dr. Mouth. Pay attention to what you’ve heard today. Again, thanks so much for joining us.

Puneet Nanda (01:03:38):
Thank Dr. Gundry. Thank you for calling me and thank you for inviting me.

Dr. Gundry (01:03:40):
Fresh it.

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Dr. Gundry (01:04:15):
Okay. It’s time for our audience question. You’re just going to have to sit through this. This one comes from love work at home from YouTube. He says, “Thanks once again, Dr. G. What about a slice of lemon in hot water? I have a few glasses every day and it feels a bit funny in my mouth, not in a bad way, but I’d like to know if it’s doing me good or harm?” Well, since we have the mouth expert with us, do you want to take that question first?

Puneet Nanda (01:04:45):
Absolutely. Sipping coffee, sipping lemon water, sipping Coke, sipping all these inherently acidic stuff. I know a women who takes her coffee and keeps sipping it for four hours, three hours or lemon water. Some women want to lose weight. They would keep sipping lemon water all throughout the day. They are actually causing a situation where they’ll end up eroding their enamel. They are not doing themselves a favor. Apple cider vinegar is another example. People have messed up their enamel by actually taking Apple cider vinegar in their mouth, literally concentrated and swishing with it in their mouth, thinking that it would help them lose weight.

I’ve seen unbelievable stuff. I would say, please stay away from that. Try to keep your mouth a little bit alkaline. Your mouth idly should be between six and eight, that range. For that oil pulling is a good way or you could just take a pinch of baking soda, two pinches of Himalayan salt and just swish it in your mouth. That would actually cause isotonic solution. Whenever you have one-third baking soda, two-third salt, it causes isotonic solution so that it’s not hypertonic. It’s not the other way. You’re causing a better microbiome possibility environment to create a better microbiome in your mouth.

Dr. Gundry (01:06:27):
Yeah, I absolutely agree with you. In fact, I made a YouTube video. Should you drink lemon water every day? I explained why it’s a total waste of time. Number one, and quite frankly is really bad for you. Thank you Dr. Mouth. All right. It’s time for the review of the week. This question comes from entrusting on YouTube. Good day from Australia. I started following the Docs advice in January and have lost 30 kilos. That’s about 70 pounds. Add all the other physical and mental benefits on top of that and I feel like I won the lottery. Well, you did win the lottery and you won it because you now have got a temple that you live in and you’re clearly taking care of that temple. Thanks for writing in and quite frankly, having a healthy body is worth more than any amount of money. Dr. Fresh here can confirm that as well.

Puneet Nanda (01:07:35):
100%. When Steve Jobs died, he was 56. He had most money in the world at that time, or at least one of the most. He wrote himself, “There is nothing in this world that replaces health.” People don’t realize… There was a saying in India, which says, “It is better to be healthy than anything else in the world.” Health is everything. You should remain agile till the end of your life.

Dr. Gundry (01:08:10):
Yeah, absolutely. All right, we’ll end it with that. I’m Dr. Gundry and I’m always looking out for you. See you next week.

Puneet Nanda (01:08:19):
Thank you. I’m Puneet Nanda and I’ll try to follow Dr. Gundry’s footsteps.

Dr. Gundry (01:08:25):
All right, thanks a lot. Thanks for joining me on this episode of the Dr. Gundry Podcast. Before you go, I just wanted to remind you that you can find the show on iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher, or wherever you get your podcast. If you want to watch each episode of the Dr Gundry Podcast, you could always find me on YouTube @youtube.com/Dr. Gundry, because I’m Dr. Gundry and I’m always looking out for you.