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270: The fatty foods you NEED to eat

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In this jam-packed episode, I unravel myths and share insights that most healthcare professionals are NOT discussing. From the often-overlooked effects of whole grains to the true drivers behind your cholesterol levels, I explore topics that touch on every aspect of your well-being – especially your heart health. 

To top it off, I’ve included a special segment from my episode with Jonny Bowden, aka “the Cholesterol Myth Buster, where we take a deep dive into the world of cardiovascular health.

Together, we explore groundbreaking subjects like the misunderstood concept of ‘prediabetes,’ the unspoken links between insulin and diabetes, and the unique ways heart disease manifests in women.

On this episode you’ll learn:

  • Why whole grains are actually HARMING your heart health (and why corporate food companies are keeping it secret) (5:00) 
  • Why you should STOP fearing egg yolks and shrimp – and the REAL factors that are determining your cholesterol health (6:25) 
  • You do NOT have to suffer for an effective workout – especially when it comes to improving your heart health (7:39)
  • The only fruit you can and should be eating EVERY single day (8:45)
  • Why belly fat is the WORST type of fat, especially for heart health – and what you can do about it (10:03)
  • Why you should be bringing THIS to the dinner table every single night i you want exceptional heart health (10:50)
  • Why the benefits of brushing and flossing go WAY beyond fresh breath – and what your mouth says about your heart health (15:35)
  • Why mouthwash is destroying your health – and my cheap, healthy alternative (16:30)
  • How I boost my heart health during commercial break – it’s super easy! (19:35)
  • The Overlooked Connection Between Insulin, Diabetes, and Lifesaving Research Doctors Are Missing (24:30)
  • Why there’s NO such thing as PREdiabetes (and what the diagnosis really implies) (28:11)
  • Why 80% of diabetics die of heart disease – and what it means for YOUR health (29:18)
  • The unexpected risk factor in heart disease (It’s NOT diet or exercise) (31:36)
  • How heart disease manifests differently in women – and the hidden indicators to be aware of (39:35)
  • What most doctors aren’t sharing about statin drugs – and my personal statin prescription strategy (41:45)

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Ep 270 Transcript

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