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254: Scary, health destroying, and in your kitchen RIGHT NOW

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You know I love to dish about the latest food trends and the sneaky culprits that pose as “healthy” options. But, my latest episode is all about something equally important – food storage!

The truth is, endocrine-disrupting tupperware and tinfoil just don’t make the cut. I also dive into the wild world of tap water and uncover some seriously sketchy contaminants that could be lurking in your H2O – and solutions that don’t involve boiling!

Finally, I get real about poop – and give you the lowdown on what your poop should look like and what different shapes and sizes might be trying to tell you about your health.

On this episode you’ll learn:

  • Why the kitchenware you use every day could be poisoning you AND your family (and the safest cookware options) (3:39) 
  • Why you should throw away your cast-iron pan IMMEDIATELY (unless it has THIS) (9:31) 
  • The ONLY utensils I use in my home (and why others can leach chemicals into your food) (10:55)
  • Why I’ll NEVER eat a prepackaged salad  (and other dangerous effects of “convenient” foods) (11:45)   
  • The scary truth about tap water (and how to find out the EXACT contaminants in your home)  (15:45)  
  • The BEST filtration system for clean, safe drinking water (20:30) 
  • Why your POOP is like a window into your health status (and why this type of poop is a red flag) (31:10)  
  • The real amount of vegetables you should be consuming each day (It’s NOT what you’ve been told) (46:54) 
  • Possible causes for constipation or diarrhea (and how THIS simple solution can help) (47:49)  


Mentioned on this episode:


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Episode Transcript:

Ep 254 Transcript

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