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233: Ready for your day? This ring knows the truth

by | Dec 13, 2022 | 0 comments

Oura RingSLEEP. It’s one of, if not THE most essential aspect of health and longevity. 

Yet 65% of American adults say they rarely wake up feeling rested and energized. And 42% say they feel tired as early as noon.

Sound relatable? 

Well, what if I told you the key to optimizing your sleep – and therefore your energy and health – was as easy as wearing a ring on your finger. 

Thanks to advanced wearable sleep-tracking devices – like the Oura ring – millions of people (including myself) are gaining personalized, meaningful health insights to help us sleep better than ever. 

It doesn’t matter if you’re a professional athlete, high performer, student, or a soccer mom. Getting quality sleep is a vital aspect in keeping the body functioning as it should.

And in this episode my guest and I talk all about this amazing piece of wearable technology. 

He’s Dr. Shyamal Patel – the Head of Science at ŌURA where he focuses on the research and development of algorithms that translate sensor data into accurate measures of health and wellbeing.

We discuss all things SLEEP –  including how much you should really be getting, and tips for falling (and staying) asleep so you feel rested and energized when you wake up. 

We also dive into the science behind the Oura ring and share how it could help YOU completely transform your health. 

On this episode you’ll learn:

  • How you can get personalized health metrics each day to optimize your sleep and recovery time (3:25)
  • Why a lack of sleep can KILL you (and how many hours of sleep you really need) (13:30)
  • Why you can NOT catch up on sleep during the weekends (and how this myth can negatively affect your overall wellness) (19:18)
  • What it means to sleep efficiently (and how it can “clean” your brain for improved metabolic health)(29:30)
  • Why you should avoid eating before bed (and surprising tips for improving sleep that no one talks about) (35:00)
  • How the Oura ring works – and why it’s unique measurements from the finger impacts accuracy (41:30)
  • What heart rate variability (HRV) means for your health (and why it may be the newest important health metric) (45:20)
  • The predictive power of the Oura ring – and how it can identify illnesses 2-3 days before symptoms arise so you can take proactive measures to boost your immune system and prevent the worst of it (57:57)
Sponsored by Oura Ring but Dr Gundry’s opinions are his own.

Mentioned on this episode:

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Ep 233 Transcript

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