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You’ve heard about the most essential supplements, but did you know that some of them might actually be useless. That’s why today I’m here to separate fact from fiction and guide you on which supplements are worth your investment and which ones aren’t. But that’s not all. I’m also debunking viral fat burning trends to reveal the ones that might actually work from green juice to adding protein powder to your morning coffee. I’ll equip you with the real tools to shed those extra pounds plus all unveil a snack that’s not only delicious, but also packed with gut boosting benefits. Say for well do ordinary potato chips and welcome your new crunchy obsession he come unless your doctor tells you otherwise, stop wasting your money on these seven supplements. Number one calcium supplements. All betcha your doctor is telling you you need calcium for strong bones. I bet you all the milk advertisements you see on TV tells you you need calcium for strong bones. While it’s true, calcium is a part of the makeup of bone structure. There is no evidence that a calcium supplement will actually have any benefit in actually making the calcium go to your bones. In fact, there’s some evidence that calcium supplements will deposit calcium in your blood vessels where you don’t want it. So you get plenty of bioavailable calcium in the foods you eat, particularly in vegetables in dark leafy greens, and there’s actually a not insignificant amount of calcium in animal protein and fish. Interestingly enough, people who have some the longest life expectancy the Accio Rowleys in southern Italy are small fish eaters. Anchovy eaters, sardine eaters, what are they eating? They’re eating the calcium in the little bones of these fish. And so if you really want to spend your money on a calcium supplement, buy some sardines, buy some anchovies. That’s the way to get your calcium number to multivitamins. So multivitamins have been around forever. Unfortunately, multivitamins were developed, based on examination of 20 college students in New York City in the 1920s, when the federal government was trying to determine what would be the bare minimum amount of various vitamins and minerals that somebody should have to avoid diseases, diseases like berry berry diseases like Palais Grup, which you probably never heard of, and they wanted to find the bare minimum that would be necessary. So they looked at the blood work of 20 college students, and said, Well, this is what these kids are eating. And this is what their blood work looks like. And they’re healthy college students. So that’s probably what we need. And that was actually the basis for the recommendations of the minimal daily requirement of vitamins and minerals. Now, the minimum daily requirement, unfortunately has nothing to do with the amount you need for good health. That’s totally different. I’ll give you an example. The minimum daily requirement for vitamin D is about 400 international units a day and yet the University of California San Diego, research shows that the minimum daily requirement for prevention of cancer is 9600 international units of vitamin d3 daily, and that’s nowhere near 400 international units. Recently there’s been a very good paper are showing, the higher your vitamin D level is in your brain, the better your neurons work exactly the opposite of what a minimum daily requirement of vitamin D would say. 80% of Americans are deficient in vitamin D, regular vitamin C tablets. Now Vitamin C is essential, let’s make no mistake about it. We unfortunately, like most other animals do not manufacture our own vitamin C. So we have to acquire vitamin C from our diet. How do we do that? Well, long ago, it’s conjectured that great apes and US stopped making vitamin C. Because we were always eating vitamin C, living in tropical rainforests, not only in the fruits, but also in the leaves of the plants that we are eating. guinea pigs don’t make vitamin C for the same reason they get it from their diet. Strangely enough, Vitamin C is made from glucose. And there are five genes that control this five enzymatic steps that take glucose and turn it into vitamin C. We lack the fifth gene, it’s a ghost gene. Why is that important? Let’s take rats, let’s genetically engineer them, so that they carry the human vitamin C producing pathway where the fifth gene is a ghost. Those rats live 50% shorter lives than rats who manufacture their vitamin C. Well, 50% shorter lives. Now here’s the exciting news. If you put vitamin C in the drinking water of those vitamin C deficient rats, they will live exactly as long as the rats who make their own vitamin C. So what does that tell you? We really have to have a continuous source of vitamin C in our diet. How do you do that? Well, if you just swallow a vitamin C tablet, that Vitamin C is a water soluble vitamin and it will be gone out of your system in about two to four hours. So the options are, take time to release vitamin C. I personally take 1000 milligrams twice a day of time release vitamin C. If that’s too much to ask, get yourself some chewable vitamin C tablets, or carry around some 500 milligram vitamin C tablets and swallow them four times a day. But what you’re looking for is a continuous exposure in your body to the benefits of vitamin C, but just swallowing one once a day, really not going to do you much good.

Number four ketone drinks. Okay, ketone drinks are a hot item, you want to be able to swallow your ketones. Here’s the problem. ketone drinks, quite frankly, tastes terrible. And they’re really expensive. And there’s so much easier, cheaper ways to make ketones, and that is MCT oil. So if you’re going to have a ketone shot, just have a tablespoon of MCT oil, the MCT oil will produce ketones automatically, and it’s cheap, and you can even buy it at Costco, don’t waste your money on expensive ketone drinks. Number five, low quality probiotics. Here’s the problem with probiotics. The vast majority of probiotics you’re going to spend your hard earned money on are probably not going to make it pass the acid in your stomach to populate the gut that you need. So if you’re going to get probiotics, look for either spore forming probiotics that will resist gastric digestion or look for probiotics that are enteric coated that resist gastric acid and will dissolve once the probiotics get to their destination in your intestines. So gotta know the delivery device. Now the other thing that’s important to realize about probiotics is that almost all of these probiotics are not native to our gut. and they will go on vacation in our gut if they can get to your gut, but they’ll leave after a couple of weeks. So probiotics are something that should be a part of a continuous maintenance program for your gut. The vast majority though probiotics don’t have these characteristics, don’t waste your money. Number six vitamin E, vitamin E, most vitamin E that you’re going to buy either in multiple vitamin or separately is actually the wrong form the wrong ice Amira vitamin D. And you should realize that vitamin E is actually two different classifications of vitamin D, there are Toka, tree animals, and tocopherol. And there are only certain ones of the tocopherol family and the tocotrienol family that have are any good. And if you take one with a broad spectrum, vitamin eight, the benefits of some will cancel out the benefits of the other. So don’t waste your money on vitamin E supplements. Number seven iron, as many of you know who have read and followed me. Iron is one of those compounds that ages us we receive from iron. And studies show that people who donate blood actually live seven years longer than people who don’t donate blood. And women live seven years longer than men. Partially because as you know, you donate blood once a month for a good half of your life. Whereas men don’t donate blood every month for half of our lives. Yes, occasionally you can be iron deficient, and you should have your iron level checked periodically. Some women have very heavy periods and may need supplementation temporarily with Iron Men, if you have an iron deficiency or women after menopause, if you have an iron deficiency, that’s cause for your doctor to go looking for why that is because blood loss is the cause of iron deficiency as we get older, and there’s nothing in us that you should have blood loss. So back to the subject that supplements don’t help. Recently, you may have seen a big study in JAMA that these sorts of supplements don’t help and that they’re all a waste of money with what I started with. Remember, these are studies looking at the USDA recommended dosages of supplements. And quite frankly, it’s no wonder that they couldn’t find that these supplements help because the dose was much too small. So anytime you see these studies, don’t throw supplements under the bus. Always look with a critical eye as to what the dose of these supplements they were studying. And it’s how much you take a particular supplement. That’s really the key. Supplements are great for you. As long as you know what the dose you really need to have an effective another day another health trend is something all of us come across while on our phones. And if you’re on a weight loss journey, chances are you probably wondered if any of these trends really work. From powdered greens in the morning to the fat burning coffee you should drink we’re going to discuss it all today. And I’m going to mention a new fun compound that you should be making in your intestines from drinking olive oil. Oh II A find out which of these you can safely incorporate into your life and which you should kick to the curb liquid chlorophyll. When this trend went viral, it flew off the shelves as viral videos claimed that just a few drops of this in your water in the morning can drastically improve digestion, reduce inflammation and bloating and rid the body of odor. Well does it really work and fat chlorophyll has some very interesting compounds that can in fact, fight fatigue can actually maybe improve your gut microbiome health, but it’s easy to get chlorophyll by eating plants, leafy green plants are loaded with chlorophyll. The other easy way to get chlorophyll is to eat algae or algae tablets, like spirulina, like chlorella. And these ways are far better for you than buying up all the liquid chlorophyll in the storage. There’s a compound in these plants called chlorophyllin. That has been shown in studies to aid weight loss. So yeah, find yourself some chlorophyll, but don’t obsess about where the source is. eat your greens. If you eat green, you’ll become lean coffee in the morning. Now there’s two trends right now that involve coffee. One is prophy, protein and coffee, mixing cold brew coffee with a protein shake to increase satiety throughout the day, and thus lose weight and lemon coffee, one cup of hot coffee in the morning with a squeeze of lemon juice that can burn fat instantly. Well, it all depends. There is so many new exciting ways to make coffee the one thing I can’t see straight from my good friend Dave Asprey is bulletproof coffee trend with MCT oil and yak butter, try finding yak butter. But to all these new coffee trends, let’s set the record straight coffee contains caffeine and poly phenols. And as you’ve read, unlocking the Kido code, you know that both of those compounds uncouple your mitochondria. And if you uncouple your mitochondria and do it consistently, you will burn more fat, you will burn more energy and you will lose weight. So coffee in itself as all the things you need to promote weight loss by uncoupling mitochondria. Now you can add things to your coffee that can additionally uncouple mitochondria, protein is not one of them. Protein does not uncouple mitochondria. But if you’re looking for something to add to your diet following a workout, then there’s absolutely nothing wrong with putting a scoop of protein powder in your coffee. But Buyer beware. Remember, our ancestors only acquired protein by eating it home, they either ate meat or they ate fish or they ate chicken or they ate eggs. Or they ate plants that were loaded with protein. And that protein had to be slowly broken down from whatever you were eating it and that protein entered our bloodstream very very, very slowly. That’s completely different than a protein powder that has been broken down into basically individual amino acids that are then instantly absorbed. And that’s a hit of amino acids that will actually be converted to sugar rather than stored as protein. So with protein powders in general, buyer beware. Same with with lemon. Now lemon water is a is a fun trend lemon coffee is a fun trend, supposedly it alkalizes you add coffee is an acid so that lemon will alkalize the coffee, folks the idea that adding any alcohol and food into your diet to help you alkalize your body is quite frankly poppycock. The amount of any alkaline product in lemon water for instance, is infantile decimal, in terms of the amount of buffering you would need to change your basic pH. So if you like the taste of these things, by all means do it. But I’d rather you do what the Italians do. And that is they take a piece of lemon peel and squeezing into their coffee. Now why did they do that? The lemon peel contains a really unique poly phenol called de Lemo Nene and De Lima Nene is actually one of the best agents for increasing phase one and phase two detoxification enzymes in your liver. That’s why the Italians don’t put lemon juice in their coffee. But they squeeze a lemon peel into their coffee to get actually health benefit from the lemon peel, or use an orange peel has the same substance. colonic cleanses if people really knew where the idea of colonic cleanses came from, they would absolutely think twice. At the turn of the previous century, there was a very large movement called the auto intoxication movement, where the belief was that diseases were caused by bacteria in our gut and in our mouth, leaking through the wall of our gut and causing disease. Now, in a way, they were absolutely right. But the treatment was the wrong approach. So colonics, were developed to rid the body of the harmful bacteria that were living in the gut. And quite frankly, colonics were very effective at doing that, plus colonics got rid of four to five pounds of bacteria in your gut, and you lost weight. So colonics became incredibly popular to get rid of all these harmful bacteria. In fact, the trend became so crazy that in the 1930s, and 40s, people would have their entire colons removed, and all their teeth pulled to eliminate any sources of these bacteria. And people paid money to have this done. So what’s really going on is you’re actually getting rid of probably the most important four to five pounds in your body of your gut microbiome, every time you have a colonic. So that’s the last thing you want to do for Goodell. But what we want to do, and what our program does, is give you good bacteria in your gut, rather than the bad bacteria that we’ve been feeding for all these years. So that’s why don’t get a colonic cleanse, just change the bacteria in your gut. And if you’ve read the plant paradox, you know that just three days of a properly constructed diet, the plant paradox diet, you will change your gut bacteria from upset a bad guys to a set of good guys. And all it takes us three days. So it’s a whole lot better for your long term health than flushing all your bacteria down the toilet. Don’t do that. That’s been something that should have stopped a long time ago. The other thing that we all forget is it is better to eat your foods whole rather than just the products. So if you want to get greens in your diet, have yourself a big green salad. Have yourself a bunch of green vegetables, that you will eat the whole foods that will feed your gut buddies as well. Always we come back to sure there are great compounds in plants. But we should have learned from our great grandparents or our great great grandparents to eat these foods whole because you not only feed yourself, but more importantly, you feed your gut microbiome what they need. And remember, if you want to put any of these tips that I mentioned into practice, check in with your doctor first. Finally, I’ll mention one other exciting new development. There are compounds in olive oil that are converted into your in your gut by your gut microbiome into compounds that suppress your appetite. And that compound is OLIO Ethyl and Olamide. Now that’s a mouthful. It’s abbreviated, O E A. And OEA comes from your bacteria breaking down oleic acid which is in olive oil. It’s also in macadamia nut oil into this compound that literally goes to your brain and tells you you’re not hungry. And so, interestingly enough, if you look at people that who use a liter of olive oil per week in their diet. And there are multiple long lived people that use a liter of olive oil in their diet. They’re skinny. And we now know that one of the reasons is that you convert that olive oil into Oh e a, and that tells your brain that you’re not hungry. Once again, if you want a healthy weight loss trend, it’s olive oil folks,

get it in your diet, you’ll actually suppress your hunger by this really cool new mechanism that’s just been recently discovered. The five benefits of adding Higa to your diet. All right, what the heck is he come up? Well, it’s actually a root vegetable that originates from South America. Some people know it as the Mexican potato. So what the heck does it taste like? It’s actually Chris with a starchy, sweet flavor. It almost tastes to me like a cross between a potato and an apple. Some people think it tastes very similar to a Japanese pear. Now, it’s got an impressive list of benefits that you really need to get it into your diet. So one cup of heat them up, contains just 49 calories. Now, it has 12 grams of carbohydrates, but six and a half of those grams are actually prebiotic fiber. So that means that little over half the carbohydrates are prebiotic fiber that feeds your gut bacteria. Also, he comm is loaded with folate, iron and magnesium and potassium, magnesium and potassium are two of the vitamins that most people are really profoundly deficient in. Best of all, is loaded with antioxidants. One cup has 44% of the recommended daily intake of vitamin C. It also contains vitamin E, selenium and beta carotene. Now it may support a healthy art because I mentioned it’s a great source of potassium, which aids in heart health. One study show that potassium decreased blood pressure and protected against heart disease and stroke. Higa is also a natural source of nitrate. studies have linked nitrate consumption from vegetables to increased circulation and better exercise performance by making nitric oxide. So what a great way you don’t have to eat your beet root extract, have a hegemann step, the fiber in Hikawa contains a lot of insulin and you’ve heard me talk about insulin before. Insulin probably is the best prebiotic fiber to feed friendly gut bacteria. In fact, most of your bowel movement is actually made up of bacteria. strange to say it’s not waste, it’s actually bacteria. So studies have shown that insulin can increase the frequency of bowel movements by up to 31%. In those studied with constipation, why? Because you’re actually giving gut bacteria what they want to eat. And they make lots of little baby gut bacteria they reproduce that actually makes you have bigger and more frequent stools, which is phenomenal for you in multiple ways it can actually support healthy weight loss is very high in water and this fiber, so it’s actually quite satisfying and studies in mice suggest that eating Kigoma may actually decrease blood sugar levels nice. The other great thing about Edom is extremely versatile. They can be used in other health wrecking foods like potatoes, making them great for staying on track with a lectin free diet. Now I personally love he can the fries. Once cooked and seasoned they get a very similar taste a regular old french fries, but are so much better for you because of the insulin they contain and the lack of lectins now here’s how to do it first peel ECAM and then cut it into thick fry like slices or use pre sliced Sicamous strips. They’re available at Whole Foods they’re often at Trader Joe’s and many other supermarkets now already have the he come appealed and and stick for him. Boil the heat on the stove for about five to 10 minutes. Drain them dry them off and put them in a large bowl and drizzle them with olive oil and spices. Then put them in an oven for 40 minutes until they’re tender and Chris about 25 minutes or they work great in an air fryer. Just as if you were going to do French fries in an air fryer or sweet potato fries. benefit of these over sweet potato fries, you’re actually going to have that potato like flavor and you’re going to get a whole lot more insulin than you would have even gotten in the sweet potato fries. Need some other ideas? I got plenty he can the chips are also great. Play around with the flavors like you would potato chips. Use heka as breakfast hashbrowns shred them and cook them exactly like you would any hashbrowns I think shredded on salad is a great way to add an extra crunch. Cut it into thick slices or use the pre sliced sticks and serve it as a dip with guacamole. Now, when you’re buying guacamole, just remember get the tomato less guacamole it’s easy to find tomatoes have no place in guacamole, add them to a vegetable platter you’ll be amazed this will be one of the most popular items on the vegetable bladder. Even if people don’t know what it is one taste and they’re usually coming back for more. Another fun way to do it is stir fry it was sesame oil or olive oil. How about sprinkling it with fresh lime juice and chili powder for a spicy refreshing snack. And if you’ve got a spiralizer This is really fun. Make he comin noodles for a healthy pasta alternative. You’ll be amazed at the texture and flavor it absorbs from whatever sauce you’re going to put with it. Okay, so how do you store and select your ego? Well, first of all look for one that’s firm and free of soft spots. Choose one smaller in size. As the route goes larger, the flavor kind of dissipates and its texture becomes pretty tough, and it loses that appealing Christmas. The smaller ones are also a whole lot easier to cut and handle. Now keep it in a cool dry place like you used to store potatoes or you store sweet potatoes, leave them down under the sink or put them in the cabinet and try not to store it in the refrigerator. Now it’s time for the question of the week. This comes from Jean mozz 2291 on YouTube. Hey, Dr. Gundry. I have a question. It’s been suggested it’s best to wait 60 to 90 minutes before having caffeine in the morning to help with fatigue in the afternoon. My question is do you get the same poly phenyl benefits with decaf coffee without the caffeine? If you like the taste of coffee and don’t want the caffeine isn’t decaf a great solution? I currently have my first cup of decaf with MCT oil and have a regular cup later when the cortisone levels level out. Am I still getting the benefits of the barley phenols from DECA? I haven’t seen anyone discuss decaf? Thank you. Well, that’s an excellent question. And yes, you will get the benefits of poly phenols from decaf coffee. Just make sure you use a lighter rose or worst a medium rose. And make sure it’s a Swiss or water process decaf. And you’ll be great. Now it’s time for the review of the week. This comes from a Vanna immigrant McMullen on 4584 on YouTube. Thank you Dr. Gundry. I will never quit your diet. It helped me tremendously. Your book on locking the Keto code is always next to me. I watch your podcast, my health keeps improving. Thank you so much. Well, thank you very much. I then you know, I say it every week. But this is why I keep doing this. This is why I keep seeing patients six days a week. This is why my new book gut check is my best ever and it’s coming out January night 2024. So stay tuned. I hope it becomes always sitting next to you as well.

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