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The “stress” of exercise – even in small amounts – can help you build muscle, stay stronger, and keep healthy.

One of the best ways to induce this kind of ‘good’ stress is to simply walk. Walking is one of the easiest ways to burn calories – and it’s low impact, too.

In fact, just 30 minutes of brisk walking a day can help you burn up to 150 calories. That means you could burn 3500 calories a week – and that’s about a pound of fat. Walkers and hikers also tend to live longer.

Another great tip I like to give people is…

GET. A. DOG.how much exercise | Gundry

It’s not just because I’m a dog lover (although I am – we’ve got 4 dogs at home). It’s also because dogs need to be exercised. Not only will a dog get you out of the house at least twice a day because it can’t walk himself, but he’ll distract you with a game of ball or tug-o-war. Every little bit of movement counts.


And, if you’re not a dog person, you can still exercise in your home. In fact, you don’t need weights or a stair-climber. Use what you’ve got! Start by walking your stairs an extra two or three times a day. Use the back of a chair for balance and practice squats or lunges. There are all sorts of ways you can eek a little more movement into your day.


Another idea is invest roughly $30 for a mini trampoline. Try it out for 5 minutes a day. Not only will it boost your metabolism, but you can’t help but feel like a kid on it. Pretty soon, you’ll be giggling—which is also amazing for your health.

Just remember – if your balance isn’t good, put the trampoline near a wall, counter, or sturdy chair, so you have something to grab onto for balance.