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295: GLP-1: How to Boost Your “un-hunger” Hormone (with Pendulum’s Adam Perlman)

by | Apr 2, 2024 | 0 comments

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In my latest episode, I reconnected with Pendulum Therapeutics, a leader in gut health innovation – and one of my personal favorite supplement companies. 

Joining me in the episode is Pendulum’s new Chief Medical Officer – Adam Perlman! Adam is the former Medical Director at Mayo Clinic, and a nationally recognized expert in the connection between the gut, overall health, and the prevention of chronic disease.

We explore GLP-1 and Akkermansia (yes, you’ve heard of these before) and their incredible impact on metabolic health. We also introduce Pendulum’s exciting new formula and how it could help YOU experience easier weight management, smoother digestion, and so much more.

On this episode you’ll learn:

  • Why I recommend THIS probiotic strain for my autoimmune patients (and how just about anyone can benefit from it)(7:00) 
  • The “unhunger” hormone and how it can help YOU meet your weight loss goals (9:00)
  • Why you should never feel guilty about your cravings – and how to get control over them for good (10:00)
  • 3 little-known, controllable factors that influence GLP-1 production (and therefore your weight)(15:00)
  • What truly sets Pendulum apart from other supplement companies – and why I trust and rely on their solutions (17:00)
  • How to determine which Pendulum supplement is right for your and your health goals (18:00)
  • Why I rarely conduct many microbial tests in my clinic – and what I recommend doing instead (29:00)
  • Why I look at Metformin like a cast for a broken leg – and what it could mean for you or a loved one (30:00)
  • The role of insulin in the body and how it affects your appetite, cravings and weight (38:00) 

Mentioned on this episode:

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This episode is sponsored by Pendulum Therapeutics. However, Dr. Gundry’s opinions are his own. 

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Episode Transcript:

Adam Perlman Transcript



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