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269: Does your brain need sugar?

by | Aug 22, 2023 | 0 comments

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In this episode, I let you in on some of the most common mistakes people make during intermittent fasting that can actually lead to weight gain! Plus, I reveal the REAL reason you can’t seem to shake your sugar cravings while fasting.

I also share the common mistakes many people make when it comes to coffee – and these cultural norms MAY be robbing you of coffee’s spectacular benefits! But of course, I share some simple tricks that will make your coffee delicious while maximizing all the health benefits it has to offer.

Finally, I dive into one of America’s favorite foods: butter! 

On this episode you’ll learn:

  • Why 50% of normal-weight people struggle with metabolic health (and how it impacts your overall health and weight) (3:55)
  • Why your current intermittent fasting approach might not be yielding the weight loss results you desire (and what to do about it) (6:50)
  • The science behind your brain and irresistible sugar cravings (7:57)
  • The shocking truth about the potential dangers lurking behind the trending ‘miracle weight loss’ (10:22)
  • Why you should remain cautious about THIS ingredient, even if your diet is lectin-free (12:20)
  • The simple yet powerful methods for metabolic flexibility and sustainable weight loss (13:27)
  • The surprising ways your beloved lattes and cappuccinos might be sabotaging the health benefits of your coffee (22:15)
  • What to do if you must add creamer to your coffee – and the truth about all milk alternatives (25:00)
  • The connection between your gut health and the specific roast of coffee that can be a true ally in fostering a healthier you (30:45)
  • Why your grass-fed butter may be damaging your health (and insights into the source of dairy that aligns with your well-being goals) (32:45) 

Mentioned on this episode:

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Ep 269 Transcript

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