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244: Organic, natural… and terrible for your health!

by | Feb 28, 2023 | 0 comments

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As you know, I’m always looking out for you. 

And I absolutely love sharing the latest and greatest when it comes to techniques for supporting your overall health.

That’s why for this episode, I reveal a particular food that could be even WORSE for you than sugar. I’m not kidding! 

And unfortunately, it’s something most Americans probably have sitting in their pantries right now. So for this episode, I share ways to avoid this health-wrecker and other dangerous ingredients like it, my tips for reading food labels correctly (don’t let them fool you!), and healthy recipes the whole family will love.

On this episode you’ll learn:

  • The MAJOR health offender you need to beware of (it’s worse than sugar!) (3:51)
  • The serious dangers of fructose – and how it’s affecting American children (5:40) 
  • Why whole grain options are not always healthier (and the real whole foods to eat) (9:00)
  • How to correctly read a food label to detect hidden sugar content (and other dangerous ingredients) (11:40) 
  • The fast snack you NEED to fill up on (and how 3 bites a day can transform your health) (13:30) 
  • Why this “healthy” alternative is no better than white bread (23:42) 
  • Why all nuts are not created equal (and the popular “nut” that’s actually POISONOUS) (26:35)
  • The shocking truth about low-fat foods – and what it’s really doing to your body (28:00) 
  • How to get your whole family to eat the plant paradox way (and the trick to transitioning picky eaters) (32:45)

Mentioned on this episode:

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Episode Transcript:

Ep 244 Transcript

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