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285.C New Year’s Resolution: Barefoot Exercising?

by | Jan 8, 2024 | 0 comments

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Happy New Year, everyone! As you embark on your resolutions for a healthier and more active lifestyle, I’m here to ensure you kick off the year on the right foot—literally.

In this episode, I dive into a crucial yet often overlooked aspect of our well-being: our feet. 

I’m joined by Steven Sashen, a Masters All American Sprinter and entrepreneur who has immersed himself in the realm of natural foot movement and its profound impact on our overall health.

Steven sheds light on how your choice of footwear might be negatively affecting your health and introduces us to Xero Shoes. This innovative brand surpasses traditional footwear by emulating the experience of going barefoot. 

If you’re eager to make a significant change in your fitness routine for better results, this episode is tailored for you. So, join us as we take a step toward healthier feet and a more vibrant you in the year ahead!

On this episode you’ll learn:

  • The surprising truth about footwear (and what you can do to keep your feet healthy)  (3:20)
  • The untold story of a major shoe company’s colossal blunder (4:30)
  • How THIS common shoe could be influencing your brain in ways you never imagined (6:41)
  • Why you should challenge the conventional wisdom that arches are essential for proper foot support and cushioning (8:35)
  • How to transform your exercise routine and enhance your results by making one simple change that can optimize your entire experience (14:50)
  • All about the world of barefoot walking (and learn how it can not only improve your balance but also sharpen your reflexes) (21:00)
  • Why this very popular shoe brand MUST be avoided for the sake of your foot health (25:55)
  • The best footwear for foot health (31:15)
  • How to empower yourself with three easy exercises designed to strengthen your feet and boost balance (36:25)
  • What major shoe companies are keeping from you (and why avoiding certain footwear at all costs is crucial to your well-being) (41:09)

Mentioned on this episode:

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Xero Shoes

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Episode Transcript:

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