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Does a Lectin-Free Diet Work? (4 Real Life Stories on Dr. Gundry’s Diet) | EPISODE 300

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Today marks a monumental episode— our 300th! We’re celebrating this special occasion with guests who are just like you and me, people who have followed the protocols outlined in my NYT bestseller “The Plant Paradox™” (and all the subsequent books) and discussed right here on the podcast.

Prepare to be inspired by the remarkable health transformations of Chellie Beck from Tennessee, Hector Gavilla and Cassidy Gerken from New York, and Cassandra Segoviano from Texas.

We are also thrilled to have Christine O’Donnell, the original producer who helped launch The Dr. Gundry Podcast in 2018 and now founder of Bright Sighted, a podcast production company. As a former news reporter, Christine moderates the discussion, bringing her unique insights to the conversation.

Get ready for a powerful dose of inspiration, and discover how you, too, can heal through diet.

On this episode you’ll learn:

  • Chellie’s incredible journey from a dire hospitalization to vibrant health, all within a few months (4:50)
  • How Cassandra turned back the hands of time and is now biologically 15 years younger than her actual age (8:30)
  • How Hector got rid of his decades long battle with gut health and became unrecognizable in a few months (10:59)
  • The surprising connection between food and gum health (18:20)
  • Why common symptoms of aging are NOT normal (19:00) 
  • How Cassidy got rid of her eczema and chronic pain in just 3 months with the Plant Paradox protocol (21:00) 
  • Why you shouldn’t settle for vague diagnoses like IBS (and tips on empowering yourself to pursue true healing) (25:15) 
  • How new world foods impact human health, causing unexpected issues like height reduction and more (28:15) 
  • My personal journey from being “healthy” yet overweight, to shedding 70 pounds and feeling better than ever(30:00) 
  • When I realized the importance of prevention over intervention (32:30) 
  • My groundbreaking discovery of lectins as a major culprit behind various health issues (35:30) 
  • The shocking truth about where tonsil stones come from (36:37)
  • Practical tips for maintaining success with the Plant Paradox protocol, straight from my guests’ experiences (44:00)
  • Why Hypocrates was right about “all disease begins in the gut” – no matter how trivial the issue (1:01:30)
  • How two of my guest’s eyesight improved after eating lectin-free (1:06:00)
  • Why it’s so important you pay attention to THESE early health signs (1:15:00)
  • Advice from each of my guests on how you can get started on your health journey to transform your life (1:16:00)
  • The go-to plant paradox foods and meals that my guests LOVE (1:23:00)
  • How the Plant Paradox™ diet can change not only your life, but the lives of the people around you (1:28:00) 

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Episode Transcript:

300th Episode Transcript

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Wellness blogger claims: THIS turned her Hashimotos around

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