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297: Want to Improve Your Immune Health? (STOP This, And Start THIS)

by | Apr 16, 2024 | 0 comments

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Just because we’re coming out of cold and flu season doesn’t mean you should drop your guard on supporting your immune health. A strong, healthy immune system is KEY year-round! Ready to supercharge your immune health?

In my latest episode, I tackle the widespread misconceptions about immune health and reveal the secrets to supporting your body’s defenses like never before.

I reveal my personal vitamin regimen for warding off common colds and the power-packed foods that not only keep your gut happy but also strengthen your immune system.

On this episode you’ll learn:

  • Why the flu shot may offer only 8% effectiveness if you’re in THIS age group (8:16)
  • Why swallowing these foods is having a razor-blade effect on your gut (and my tips for healing it) (18:00)
  • The optimal dosage of vitamin D supplements essential for achieving peak well-being (19:00)
  • My unique routine for taking Vitamin C (and the only kind I recommend consuming) (21:25)
  • Why drinking orange juice could be harming your immune system more than helping it (34:10)
  • Dont fall for THESE 3 “healthy” swaps (they’re destroying your gut) (35:14)
  • The top 3 immune system villains lurking in your daily diet (36:53)

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Episode Transcript:

Immune Health Tips Transcript

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