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103: Alzheimer’s, Dementia, and the XX brain

by | Jul 20, 2020 | 1 comment

It’s widely believed that Alzheimer’s Disease and whether or not we get it is beyond our control…

But my guest begs to differ.

On this episode of the Dr. Gundry Podcast, I speak with Dr. Lisa Mosconi, the director of the Women’s Brain Initiative at Weill Cornell Medical College in New York.

In her new book, “The XX Brain,” Lisa says genetics don’t affect  a woman’s chance of developing dementia nearly as much as her hormonal status, lifestyle, and medical report card…

And she’s working to get the word out.

Tune in to learn more about women’s brains… and what YOU can do to reduce your likelihood of getting dementia.

On this episode you’ll learn:

    • A shocking statistic about women and Alzheimer’s Disease (2:00)
    • How much your genes affect your likelihood of getting dementia (4:00)
    • The Menopause-Alzheimer’s paradox, according to Dr. Mosconi (8:00)
    • The bias in medical research that Dr. Mosconi finds “offensive” (14:00)
    • The surgery that can increase women’s chances of getting dementia… by a lot. “So many women are not aware.” (20:15)
    • Whether “new mom brain” is real (23:10)
    • What women and killer whales have in common (25:00)
    • The 3 nutrients EVERY woman should be eating (one reduces the likelihood heart disease by a whopping 25%) (29:00)
    • Why I don’t recommend eating chia seeds for brain health… and what I suggest eating instead (30:30)
    • The superfood that’s even MORE nutritious than blueberries (37:00)
    • The case for drinking espresso on a daily basis  (38:20)
    • Why you don’t need to “huff and puff” to get the brain boosting benefits of exercise (42:00)
    • If it’s possible to REVERSE dementia (43:50)
    • What will happen if you slide into Dr. Mosconi’s DMs on Instagram (46:30)

Mentioned on this episode:

“The XX Brain”

Study on menopause and Alzheimer’s Disease

The health benefits of espresso

Exercise for brain health

The Women’s Brain Initiative

Alzheimer’s Prevention Clinic at at Weill Cornell Medical College

Dr. Lisa Mosconi’s website

Dr. Lisa Mosconi’s Instagram 

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