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259: Why is our guest wearing PJs?

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Are you tired of restless nights, constantly tossing and turning in search of perfect sleep? Prepare to be astounded as my latest episode uncovers the game-changing secrets that can supercharge your sleep like never before!

On my latest episode, I had the pleasure of hosting Peter Martone, a renowned chiropractor and the mastermind behind Neck Nest – the revolutionary therapeutic pillow designed specifically for your neck, not your head. Together, we delved into a realm where spine health becomes the cornerstone of high-quality sleep, and we shared invaluable insights on how to support your spine for the absolute best sleep of your life.

Throughout the episode, Peter revealed eye-opening revelations that will forever change your perception of sleep. We explore why most back injuries have little to do with your spine, the surprising reasons behind our involuntary tossing and turning during sleep, and the alarming truths about modern mattresses and pillows – along with the solutions you need to consider.

On this episode you’ll learn:

  • The real deal on why most backaches aren’t about your spine at all (4:49)
  • The inside scoop on why we flip and flop in our sleep. Spoiler alert: we don’t have much control over it (9:31)
  • What’s really going on with our modern ‘comfy’ mattresses and pillows—and the game-changing alternative you’re gonna want to check out (10:43)
  • The oh-so-surprising link between how you sleep and how your heart beats—and how to keep it all in check (12:32) 
  • The freaky truth about your beloved tech gadgets and the weird effects they’re having on your body—even for kids as young as ten (16:50) 
  • That one everyday thingy that hasn’t changed in ages (you’re using it right now!), and how it’s sneakily messing with our bodies (20:00)
  • How carving out just 45 minutes a night could be the key to revitalizing your spine—and feeling better than you’ve ever felt (27:00) 
  • The head-scratching connection between how you hold your back and how your brain works—and how to make sure they’re best buds (37:00) 
  • The ultimate pillow arranging hack that’ll have you waking up on the right side of the bed every time (42:24)
  • Why it’s high time to kick your mattress and pillow to the curb (really!)—and what you should get your hands on instead (46:00)
  • How the quality of your zzz’s can change the game for a bunch of health problems, plus what Dr. Martone thinks sleep will look like in the future (51:11)

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Ep 259 Transcript

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