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245: Healthy tap water (no plumbing necessary)?

by | Mar 7, 2023 | 0 comments

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Have you ever questioned the water you consume every day is actually safe to drink? Or what’s the best way to filter your water? Or is the government doing enough to limit potential contaminants?

These are all questions you deserve the answers to. After all, water is absolutely essential for life. 

That’s why I welcomed a special guest to help set the record straight on drinking water – and the safest options for you and your family.

She’s Helen Christoni, Vice President of Business Development and Partnerships at Ideal Living – the makers of AquaTru, AirDoctor, and AromaTru.

In this episode, we discuss common water contaminants, what is ‘considered safe’, and how to properly filter your water at home.

On this episode you’ll learn:

  • The easy way to check what DANGEROUS contaminants may be in your home’s water (2:45) 
  • How your tap water gets contaminated (and why the government can’t provide pure, non-toxic water) (5:02) 
  • The TRUTH about bottled water (and how it may affect developing brains) (8:34) 
  • The only plastic bottles that are acceptable (and the BPA alternative that is worse for your health) (11:20)
  • The scary truth about  “forever chemicals” – and how they are sneaking into your body (12:52) 
  • The tell-tale symptoms that you may be affected by toxins (16:15) 
  • Why boiling water does NOT minimize contaminants (and the only way to get real, purified water) (19:10)
  • The best and only type of water filtration system you should use (31:30) 

Mentioned on this episode:


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Ep 245 Transcript

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