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267: What’s the deal with avocado oil?

by | Aug 8, 2023 | 0 comments

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In the wonderful world of nutrition, two things you know I hold dear are olive oil and avocados. But how about avocado oil?

Join me in my latest episode as I expose common misconceptions about this popular cooking oil. The insights might just surprise you!

Plus, on the note of culinary revelations, I dive deep into the realm of salt. Ever considered how the variety of salt you sprinkle can impact your health? I offer a comprehensive guide on selecting the best and worst salts for your health.

Finally, I challenge beliefs about a staple in many kitchens: eggs! 

On this episode you’ll learn:

  • The buzz behind avocado oil: Why it’s EVERYONE’s obsession and whether you should be wary.
  • The avocado dilemma: Eating vs. oiling up—Do they both promise the same health magic?
  • The secret to preserving the potency of your oil (and the ONLY type of bottles you should buy)
  • A popular oil’s exposed truth: Why it can’t even touch the monumental health benefits of olive oil.
  • Salt’s power play: The life-changing choice between salts, and the trending dangers you MUST dodge.
  • Hydration shocker: How the “drink more water” mantra might backfire on your health.
  • Over-salted? Catch the glaring signs and master the art of flavor-boosting without crossing the line.
  • The latest health craze I URGE you to avoid (and the astonishing benefits of its exact opposite.)

Mentioned on this episode:

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