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261: These “health” foods are making you fat

by | Jun 27, 2023 | 0 comments

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For ages, we’ve been raised on the belief that an apple a day keeps the doctor away. But if you ask me, it’s time to embrace a delicious alternative: an avocado a day! 

While we’ve been led to believe that all fruits are inherently good for us, the reality is that most can do more harm than good (including apples). But don’t worry – there ARE some incredible fruits out there, and you should feel free to indulge in them. In my latest episode, I share where and WHEN to find these fantastic fruits.

I also reveal the shocking truth about one of America’s favorite snacks: peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. And finally, I share some of my mind-blowing superfood secrets… prepare to be amazed!! 

On this episode you’ll learn:

  • The nut that “defies aging” and helps unlock years of vitality (and why it’s not really a nut after all) (4:20)
  • The astonishing way 94% of you can halt accelerated aging (5:20)
  • My top snack with the ultimate natural melatonin boost (and the extraordinary hidden powers of this hormone beyond its sleep-inducing magic) (11:05)
  • The unconventional way to consume almond butter that helps shield you from the hidden lectins (14:15)
  • Why loading up on this “healthy” food can be a weight gain catalyst (and may actually lead to fatty liver) (17:30)
  • The BEST low-sugar fruit that holds the key to optimal health benefits (and the unique preparation method that maximizes its advantages) (19:40)
  • Why “an apple a day keeps the doctor away’’ is FALSE (and why many of them have more sugar than a candy bar!) (21:45)
  • Why adding this popular vegetable to your smoothie is a big NO (31:40)
  • The incredible power of just three bites a day of THIS a dat to boost your thyroid health and unlock vitality (36:50)
  • Why buyers should beware of this popular health drink (and how to identify its hidden dangers) (39:40)
  • The eye-opening truth about why 80% of Americans should steer clear of this particular food (and the protein-packed healthy alternative) (43:20)

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Episode Transcript:

Ep 261 Transcript

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