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299: Get Better Sleep with These Natural (and simple) Remedies

by | Apr 30, 2024 | 0 comments

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It’s a startling fact: approximately one in three adults in the United States reports not getting enough sleep each day.

This issue is more than just about feeling tired. Adequate sleep is essential for our overall health and longevity.

Many of you may also experience frequent nighttime disruptions, such as bathroom trips or snoring. You are certainly not alone in this.

In this episode, I’ll share effective strategies to overcome these common sleep disturbances, ensuring you enjoy uninterrupted, restful nights.

On this episode you’ll learn:

  • The surprising culprit behind those midnight bathroom breaks – and how it impacts your overall well-being (2:48) 
  • How simple dietary adjustments helped me shrink my enlarged prostate (5:41)
  • The shocking truth behind why most women get UTIs (and whether or not the classic remedy of cranberry juice works) (7:57)
  • The new category of lectins lurking in everyday foods that could be wreaking havoc on your bladder health (11:09)
  • The top pre-bedtime habits to avoid for a good night’s rest (14:00)
  • A simple remedy to combat nighttime heartburn (17:35)
  • The root causes of snoring – and how it’s impacting not just your sleep but your brain health too (25:25)
  • How to silence your (or your partners’) snoring for good (27:20)
  • All about your brain’s “wash cycle” – and how to best “clean” your brain overnight (37:40)
  • How bedtime snacks affect memory function (and the optimal time frame to stop eating before bed for improved overall health) (40:00)

Mentioned on this episode:

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Episode Transcript:

Sleep Tips Transcript

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