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291: Aggie Lal talks Biohacking for Women

by | Feb 26, 2024 | 0 comments

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Can traveling a lot make you sick? 

Is Biohacking really a guy-centric industry that leaves female hormones completely out of the conversation? 

In this episode I welcome Aggie Lal, author of the new book “Biohack like a Woman” to discuss these topics and so much more.

As a former travel influencer, she’s going to share her health struggles and what led her to hack herself back to health. 

On this episode you’ll learn:

    • Why Aggie Lal bid farewell to an 8-year vegan journey (and the toll veganism took on her body) (4:04)
    • Is a vegan or vegetarian diet making you sick? (6:03)
    • Why embracing FAT might be the missing key to unlocking optimal health in many diets (7:45)
    • How understanding your or your partner’s menstrual cycle helps in achieving success, not just in health but in life as a whole (16:00)
    • The surprising truths behind birth control pills (and their profound effects on your overall well-being) (17:37)
    • Why a woman’s period is their superpower (20:14)
    • The underlying cause behind the escalating prevalence of infertility issues in women and men (26:11)
    • 3 foods Aggie Lal eliminated from her diet that revolutionized her health (27:55) 
    • Why counting calories can be cutting down on your progress (31:38)
    • The method both Aggie Lal and I use to navigate eating out in restaurants (37:15)
    • Aggie Lal asks me, “What was the most important thing I’ve changed my mind on in treating patients?” (44:00)

Mentioned on this episode:

Aggie Lal’s book: Biohack Like a Woman: How to Get Fit Effortlessly, Feel Beautiful, Have More Energy, and Unleash Your Superpowers With Biohackingl

Aggie Lal’s website

Aggie Lal’s Instagram

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Episode Transcript:

Aggie Lal Transcript

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