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Craving carbs? HERE’S what to eat.

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From packaged and highly-processed foods to lectin-loaded snacks, veggies and proteins – learning how to clean out your pantry is essential for getting your health on track.

For this episode, I share the top 2 most addictive (and extremely common) foods to ditch right away – and healthy delicious alternatives for each. 

Plus, I share my best-kept secrets when it comes to intermittent fasting – so you can get ALL the health benefits without jumping off the deep end!

On this episode you’ll learn:

  • One of the most ADDICTIVE foods on the planet (and the best alternatives for when cravings hit) (3:15)
  • My guilt-free alternative when you get a cravings for grains in the morning (6:39)
  • The ONLY carb you can (and should!) eat to your heart’s content (7:35)
  • The SHOCKING effect of this “healthy drink” on your immune system – and what to drink instead (11:30) 
  • How a healthy gut can lead to gorgeous, glowy skin – and tips for getting started (15:20) 
  • The real way to read a food labels (and how to find the hidden sugar content) (20:10) 
  • Why MOST Americans can’t easily burn fat for fuel – and what YOU can do about it (29:32) 
  • Why most people fail at time-restricted eating (and my foolproof tricks for sticking to it) (34:20) 

Mentioned on this episode:

Unlocking the Keto Code by Dr. Steven Gundry

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Ep 246 Transcript

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