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293.C: Dr. William Li: Is Your Diet Destroying Your Health?

by | Mar 19, 2024 | 0 comments

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Ever noticed how there’s a pill for pretty much everything these days?

While it might seem convenient, I think it’s time we start looking at prevention rather than just relying on treatment.

The good news? FOOD is one of the best tools we have for protecting our health. 

That’s why in this episode, I welcome back Dr. William Li, a physician, scientist, and author of Eat To Beat Disease: The New Science of How Your Body Can Heal Itself.

Dr. Li and I discuss what many doctors overlook in terms of illness prevention, the fascinating science linking nutrition and disease, and the transformative power of incorporating certain foods into our daily diet.

On this episode you’ll learn:

  • Why demonizing fat might not be the answer to your health concerns (2:57) 
  • The two distinct types of body fat you NEED to understand (and how they impact your overall well-being) (5:11)  
  • Why I say “fat in your gut – you’re out of luck” (and steps to tackle stubborn belly fat head-on) (12:28)
  • How overeating can lead to “fat poisoning” – and the simple way to prevent it from happening (17:00)
  • How losing just 5 pounds of body fat can have big payouts toward your longevity (19:45)
  • How to utilize your body’s fat to kickstart your weight loss journey (26:20) 
  • The surprising power of incorporating a daily handful of THESE nuts to reduce your waistline and boost your metabolism (40:02)
  • The four real phases of metabolism (and why aging does NOT mean slowing down) (45:30)
  • Simple yet effective tricks that can supercharge your body’s fat-burning abilities and make weight management easier (53:44)
  • My “holy trinity” of beverages (and how they can optimize your metabolism) (1:00:00) 

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Episode Transcript:

Dr. William Li Transcript

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