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302: How To: Quit Sugar in 5 Simple Steps (plus, the HEALTHIEST Sugar Alternative)

by | May 28, 2024 | 0 comments

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Are you addicted to sugar? You’re not alone. And it’s not your fault. Sugar is hiding in almost EVERYTHING!

I was once a HUGE sugar addict. In fact, there was nothing I loved more than eating a whole large-sized bag of peanut M&Ms and washing it down with Diet Coke! Terrible – I know.

The thing is, artificial sweeteners like Sweet n Low are some of the WORST things for our gut health. They create an environment where bad bacteria take over, leading to all kinds of issues, from skin irritations to more serious diseases.

In this episode, I share my tips on how I kicked my sugar addiction, the best sugar substitutes, and how to spot sneaky sugar additives on ingredient labels.

On this episode you’ll learn:

  • The shocking addiction YOU might be unknowingly suffering from (2:30)
  • The surprising ways sugar affects your health beyond just weight gain (3:02)
  • Why even “non-sweet” foods can be loaded with hidden sugars (and how to spot them) (3:57)
  • My expert tips for cutting down on sugar and beating those cravings (4:48)
  • The healthy sugar alternative that’s up to 200 times sweeter than regular sugar (6:55)
  • How THIS sugar substitute can supercharge your weight loss efforts (8:40)
  • My all-time favorite sugar alternative, the first sweetener approved by the FDA as a prebiotic! (12:05)
  • The artificial sweeteners you absolutely need to avoid (14:25)
  • How food companies deceive you about sugar content in so-called “healthy” foods (20:00)

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Episode Transcript:

EP 302 Transcript

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