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Suzanne Somers: actress, courageous warrior in the fight against breast cancer, author, health advocate and someone who knew how to enjoy life to the fullest.

In her honor, we’re re-airing Suzanne Somers’ interview from 2019.

In our conversation, we explore the insights from her book, “A New Way to Age”. She offers guidance on how to lead a healthy and joyful life—including a fulfilling sex life—inspiring us all to embrace the richness of our years, much like she did.

This episode serves as a heartfelt tribute to Suzanne’s enduring legacy as one of the original wellness pioneers.

On this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Suzanne Somers’ health-forward alternative to counting sheep (3:20)
  • Why Suzanne looked back on her cancer diagnosis as a “veiled gift” (5:20)
  • What Suzanne ate to look her best (if you like butter, you’ll want to hear this) (6:40)
  • The daily conversation you should have to feel happier (8:40)
  • Why Suzanne decided NOT to get a facelift (10:30)
  • A surprising alternative to Botox and fillers (10:50)
  • Which shot Suzanne gave her husband weekly to preserve his “zest” (12:20)
  • The (controversial!) case for taking bioidentical hormones  (15:30)
  • The “7 Dwarfs” of menopause (19:50)
  • How your expensive skin care products could be hurting your BRAIN (21:35)
  • The “living room secret” to reducing your exposure to harmful chemicals (22:50)
  • Suzanne’s #1 piece of beauty advice for young women (23:00)
  • Why Suzanne said eating organic is “non-negotiable” — and why your budget shouldn’t deter you (26:30)
  • Why I give Walmart props (even though I don’t agree with everything they do) (29:40)
  • How a Hollywood couple stayed together for 50 years (it involved hard liquor) (32:50)
  • How I knew I wanted to marry my wife after one day of knowing her… and how we reconnected after she saw me on TV (37:15)
  • My #1 piece of advice for couples (38:35)
  • How to get your sex drive back, according to a then 73-year-old woman who had sex twice a day (39:40)
  • The secret to getting the MOST from your doctor’s visits (43:45)

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Mentioned on this episode:

Testosterone replacement therapy

Bioidentical hormones

Symptoms of menopause

HEPA filters

Organic food at Walmart


Suzanne Somers Transcript | Ep 276.C